Each year, the gals at Yahoo Shopping gather around to discuss the best of what we saw in the beauty world. This year is a little different: We tested even more products this time around, including some very cool beauty tech devices.

When planning my wedding last July, you can be sure I tested every foundation on the planet, every liquid lipstick, and put eyebrow pencils through rigorous tests (if it lasted through my gym training session, it was a winner).

Our resident beauty bloggers Amanda Storey, Sacha DeVoretz and I received more boxes of beauty goodies than any previous year, and we also hopped on the latest trends like strobingcontouring, and the liquid lipstick phenomenon that caused sold out collections at department stores, and indie brand chaos on the web.

Click through the slideshow above to see all that we loved, from skincare to nail polish and everything in between, and our favorite brands of the year. Yahoo Shopping Best of Beauty list:  READ MORE here..