I find myself in Winnipeg–a lot. But why do I keep coming back? Is it the convenient travel? The good food? The history and culture? Or maybe a combination of all three? Keep reading to find out what I got up to (again) in Winnipeg! Winnipeg: The Most Exciting City in Canada?


Flair Airlines

I made the trip to Winnipeg with Flair Airlines, Canada’s ultra low cost air travel company. It’s low cost because customers can add what they want a la carte style! It’s a great choice for Canadians who are looking to travel to Canada’s smaller airports without tedious layovers. And their laid back atmosphere, cheaper parking, and awesome baggage handling are all included in the low fare! The Most Exciting City in Canada

Plaza Premium Lounge 

On the way to Winnipeg, I had a truly fantastic travel experience. I had stopped at the Winnipeg airport and visited the Plaza Premium Lounge. Instead of dreading the airport, I look forward to it! With comfortable seating areas, recharging stations, food and beverages, and even a shower room, how could I not? Definitely a must for any traveler.


Inferno’s Bistro 

It seems the more I go to Winnipeg, the more I return to Inferno’s Bistro! Inferno’s Bistro has been serving Asian-inspired French cuisine since 2003. But the reason I keep coming back? The people! Inferno’s Bistro is located in the French speaking neighbourhood of St-Boniface in Winnipeg and I’ve always met the nicest people there. This time around, I tried something new. The dessert fridge! Can you see all of the pies, cakes, and tarts? So good! But you’ll have to come by and try some for yourself.

Mitchell Block Restaurant 

I found the best pasta in Winnipeg! Mitchell Block Restaurant is famous for their small batch pastas. The most popular item on their menu is the agnolotti, a stuffed pasta made fresh with roasted sweet potatoes, walnuts, and brown butter—mmm! While you’re there don’t forget to visit their lounge on the second floor. It’s located right in downtown Winnipeg in the busy Exchange District so it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat before seeing a show or after shopping!

Forth Café 

Walk next door and you’ll find Forth Café on McDermot Avenue in Winnipeg! I ordered a large latte but you’ll find that they have everything from Kale and Eggs, to Macaroni and Cheese, and a Quinoa Nicoise Bowl! Not to mention their Summer Drinks menu is packed full of fun drinks like their Boozy Americano and their Fancy Float! Definitely worth a visit!


Royal Canadian Mint

Every Canadian coin in your pocket comes from here! But maybe something you didn’t know is that they make change for other countries as well. Inside you can see some old coins. Something I learned? The loonie didn’t originally feature a loon. It was actually supposed to be a voyageur, but the master dye was stolen and the second place winner, the loon was put on the coin! How cool is that?

Parks Canada – Riel House 

I visited another site in Winnipeg, the Riel House! I met another Riel there who told me a little more about the national historic site! Fact Number 1: The house is uniquely built with a Red River frame construction and has absolutely no nails in the framework! Fact Number 2: It’s located on a Métis River Walk which means it has direct access to the river. And Fact Number 3: It has a summer kitchen so fires could be built away from the house during the hot weather! Riel House is a great way to commemorate Louis Riel but it’s only open June and August and will close August 26th!

U.N. Luggage

I stopped by United Nations Luggage during their Annual Purse Party! I soon found out that they carry every bag you could ever need, from travelling the world to overnighting in Toronto! (Perfect for travellers like me). They even have a bag which is actually an aluminum trunk!

Make sure to visit the Winnipeg tourism website to get even more information on things to do in The Most Exciting City in Canada!

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s explore some wonderful places and have the very best 2017!

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