Valentine’s Gift Guide 2020 – Global TV Edmonton

Valentine’s is an amazing opportunity for you to share your love with someone special or to pamper yourself! Recently, I was lucky enough to share a few Valentine’s gift ideas and experiences with Daintre Christensen on Global TV Edmonton. Here’s an… Continue Reading →

CTV Edmonton Morning Show – Healthy Eating Tips!

Watch CTV Morning Show Edmonton – on all the top tips on how you can be super healthy! Stay tuned, I am creating a new exciting concept for healthy eating. In 10 days, you can have a healthier kitchen (and healthier… Continue Reading →

I believe in bringing the best to everything I do.

Part of this is spending my days with people who bring me so much joy and make me laugh everyday. The other aspect of this, is to continually challenge myself on how I can improve and how I can be… Continue Reading →

5 Activities in Victoria for this Fall

As the leaves start to turn and the air becomes cool and crisp, we look forward to all the sights, smells and flavours of fall. From walks through Victoria’s coastal forests to food festivals, fall is the perfect time to… Continue Reading →

Things to do in Hamilton

You’ve seen me in Ontario in the great city of Toronto and the lesser known but just as beautiful city of Port Credit. This week, join me as I fly to one of the oldest cities in Ontario—Hamilton! With a… Continue Reading →

REDPATCH: Theatre Preview

In 2017, we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday! On Canada’s 150th, we also recognize First Nations inclusion in Canadian history. This issue is addressed in the brilliant play REDPATCH, by Métis theatre artist Raes Calvert and Vancouver based actor, writer, and… Continue Reading →

How Live Streaming Is Changing The Way We Communicate

People are craving real, honest engagement. The debacle at the Oscars with the announcement of the wrong Best Picture was a prime example of this. Viewers were shocked and amazed, that such a misstep could happen so publicly and on… Continue Reading →

James and Jamesy in the Dark: A REVIEW!

If the name James and Jamesy sounds familiar, it means you either caught or missed their sold out show James and Jamesy in the Dark at the Fringe Festival last year. Luckily for you, the uproariously funny duo is back… Continue Reading →

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