I love the polished look of a classic button down shirt. You can dress it up or dress it down for an effortless casual look.

Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Emily Evans, Fashion Expert at Ann Taylor and Emily shared with me the top tips on how you can look amazing this fall in your favourite button down shirt.


What makes a classic button down shirt so amazing?

A classic button down shirt is my number one wardrobe essential. It is one of the few wear anywhere and anytime staple pieces, thanks to its versatility. With a few styling changes, a white button down can be worn from day to night and from work to play.

This style can be worn twelve months out of the year and will never go out of style. No matter how this is styled, it always results in a polished look.

How to ensure you have the perfect fit for a classic white shirt? (no gapes in the buttons at the chest or other)

Pay close attention to the design elements to achieve the perfect fit. Darts along the front or back of the shirt will create a more fitted look, which will flatter. Not all white button downs are made the same, so do make use of a size chart and take measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

If the shirt is too tight along the chest and gaping occurs, consider your undergarments. Switching out your bra for a more minimizing style may solve the gaping problem. Another solution is to size up in the shirt and have a tailor alter it to your body.

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How to dress up the classic white shirt?

Dress up the classic white shirt with statement jewelry and accessories. Adding sparkle can quickly transform a white shirt from day to night. Go with a statement necklace or button your shirt all the way up and add chandelier earrings.

If sparkle isn’t for you, tie an on trend silk scarf around your neck and unbutton a few shirt buttons to show it off.

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What to pair the classic white shirt with?

For a head to toe classic look, pair a crisp white button down with flare jean in a dark rinse. This ultra-flattering look elongates the silhouette and is appropriate any day of the week.

Experiment with layering and texture by styling your shirt with lace, tweed, and knits. These items add a nice compliment to your classic white shirt.

What is on trend for classic white shirts this season (how to wear them)?

Graphic and bold patterned separates are on trend and the perfect pairing for a white button down. These prints add a playful yet polished vibe.

If your white shirt is fitted, play with proportions but styling it with more voluminous pieces.

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How to care for the button down shirt?

To avoid any mishaps, I always recommend dry cleaning your white button down. This is the best method if you’d like to extend the wear.

If you must wash it yourself, choose a gentle cycle and always hang dry. If the shirt is wrinkled, steam the body and use an iron on the collar. Also, never leave your home without a stain pen!

I am going to use these helpful tips as I continue to expand my style ideas this year!

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s have the very year ever!

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