Men’s travel style has come a long way. No longer relegated to wearing a baggy shirt and torn board shorts, guys can now bring their unique style to their next vacation too.

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Guys – to make your vacation style easy – think about how you can mix and match different pieces. To do this, choose neutral tones that will complement each other (I do this!). You will only have to pack a few pieces of clothing and can wear it day or night.

Are you traveling for several days? Before you leave, ask your hotel if they have a laundry service. Then you can have your clothes cleaned and pressed every few days, keeping your look on point.

Vacation wear for men is now multipurpose and easy to wear.  You can ride a bike for hours or walk around town.

For example, Tommy Bahama has rolled out new travel fashion this season. Vacation fashion for men has evolved into an all-day comfort and performance wear. Think revolutionary new fabrics, with 37.5® technology, which is derived from coconut shells and volcanic sand to create soft, high-performance garments that help regulate body temperature and control perspiration.

Technical silk is also great for travel and can evaporate moisture before it becomes sweat, and is machine washable.  No need to worry about dry cleaning!

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Camp shirts are on point for men this season. One of the most versatile travel pieces in any man’s wardrobe is the polo shirt. Polo shirts can be worn for a day tour or out to dinner.

When the situation calls for a more casual look, a smart looking t-shirt is always a great option. This season’s look is a palette of vibrant and energetic hues. This makes it easy to mix and match different looks, so you don’t need to pack as much.

Here are some top tips to make your trip amazing and comfortable:

  • Choose a pair of shoes that look great and comfortable. Think walking shoes that will take you from the airport, to a night out on the town.
  • When you are packing roll your clothes – don’t fold. This will take less space and be faster to pack!
  • Look for multipurpose outerwear. A jacket that is light, waterproof and you can roll up in your suitcase. This will keep your holiday vacation a pleasant one! If you think there may be a chill, bring a light sweater in a solid navy or beige, which is an easy colour to mix and match with different looks.
  • Stay healthy! My favourite. Keep your eating habits on track during your travels (most of the time) and pack plenty of healthy snacks for your travels. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Bring a water bottle (or purchase bottled water if you are unsure about the local water). Being hydrated will keep you feeling great and full of energy.
  • Try a little “me time”. It is easy to stay connected with the responsibilities of home, work and other commitments. But vacations are only a short amount of time, so enjoy yourself fully and the time you have with your loved ones.

Keep an eye out for my blog, where I will continue to share the top travel style tips for feeling your best self. If you have any questions about travel style or fashion for 2018, please leave your comments below and I will do my best to find the answers for you!

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