Traveling and taking photos are two of my favourite hobbies. When done right, they can be a brilliant way to share your experiences with friends and family.

Recently, I spoke with Aurora Lampson, Marketing Relations & Content Specialist at DayMen. Aurora shared her best tips for taking amazing travel photographs.


What are the top tips for taking amazing photos when traveling?

Travel isn’t so different from taking pictures at home. The trick is to make the most of the limited equipment you’ve been able to bring with you. Having small but light tripods and wireless triggers can really help you set up the perfect shot – and make sure you’re in it! Far too many people come back from vacations with tons of scenery and landscape shots, but very few images with people.

Try to be wary of lighting in your images, and play with different angles so that you can really present a unique view of your destination that others may not have.


Why is using a tripod important? How does it help your photos?

There are several reasons to use a tripod. First off, it can help to stabilize the image – not all of us have very steady hands. Secondly, it allows you to set up timed shots or use wireless triggers so that you can be included in the image yourself. Third, tripods can help you capture angles that might be difficult to capture by hand with ease, and finally, they enable the use of slower shutter speeds to capture beautiful long-exposure shots.

How can you use a tripod when you are taking travel photo? Tips and tricks. 

A tripod when travelling can really help you get great shots. Find a lightweight, flexible tripod so that you can set it up on a variety of surfaces, and set up self-timer or wireless triggered shots. A small tripod that can fit easily in your daypack is the best solution. It should be something that is compact when not in use.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your tripod! Wrap it around trees or use a magnetic version to mount on your car or bike when you have limited surfaces to work with or if you’re looking for a unique angle. The more flexible your tripod – the more options you have.


What to look for in a tripod so you get the right one to suit your needs?

The keys to a good travel tripod are getting one that is lightweight, compact, flexible and most importantly, one that you feel comfortable using. If you want the flexibility to use your tripod with a smartphone, make sure it comes with a smartphone mount in the appropriate size for your phone.

Any other tips you’d like to include?

Travel photography should be fun, so don’t stress out! Try to make sure you’re getting in as many shots as possible, and have fun with unique angles and shots. Be sure not to leave your camera, tripod or other gear unattended in tourist hot-spots like Time Square, and try to keep your equipment near you and in-sight at all times to make sure it doesn’t get stolen or damaged. You also want to make sure to protect your gear, by using well-padded camera bags that have weather-proof covers to make sure your camera and pictures stay safe as you travel – no matter what you encounter.

To find out more about tripods and great camera gear, visit two of my favourites – Joby and Lowepro.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s explore some wonderful places and have the very best 2017!

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