I am traveling more and more, and have recently stayed at several different airport hotels. If you are looking to overnight near an airport, there are a few questions you need to ask before making your reservation.

First tip: Find out the distance between the airport and the hotel. The best case scenario, the hotel is located in the airport or across the road. The worst case scenario, is an ‘airport hotel’ that online, looks like it is close to the airport, but in reality, it is a long shuttle or expensive taxi ride to the hotel.

Second tip: If you do decide to stay at a hotel that is some distance from the airport, check the transportation costs (or if there is a hotel shuttle available – ask about the frequency of the shuttle, check the times and when your flight will arrive). Taxis and car services may charge an additional airport tax, so it is a good idea to ask about costs before you leave.

Third tip: I like to exercise when I am traveling. I always ask if the hotel has a gym and what is available in their fitness center. The good news is that most airport hotels have 24/7 gyms. So if you can’t sleep and need to burn off some energy, an airport hotel with a good gym may be the perfect addition to your stay.

PHOTO CREDIT: SACHA DEVORETZ           Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel

To find out more on how you can get the most out of your airport hotel stay, I spoke with Jeremy Heryet, Marketing and Public Relations Specialist at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport. Jeremy shared his tips and more about the Fairmont Vancouver Airport.

What are some advantages of staying at an airport hotel?

Some advantages of staying at an airport hotel are convenience and time. Fairmont Vancouver Airport is located directly inside the airport terminal, meaning travelers do not even need to leave the airport to get to the hotel. Staying here removes the need for a shuttle, and consequently saves guests a significant amount of time, allowing travelers to sleep in or enjoy breakfast before their flight.

PHOTO CREDIT: SACHA DEVORETZ            Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel

How to get the most out of your stay?

Fairmont Vancouver Airport is well suited to accommodate extended layovers. We provide day use rooms, where travelers are able to rest between flights for 4, 6, or 8 hours. The hotel also features an award winning restaurant, a bar with nightly live music and fantastic runway and mountain views, a spa, a health club, and a business center. There really is something for everyone here which means travelers do not even need to stay overnight to take advantage of everything the hotel has to offer.

PHOTO CREDIT: SACHA DEVORETZ               Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel

Why would you stay at a hotel near an airport?

The right time to stay at a hotel near an airport is when you are en route and the city in which the airport and the hotel is located is not your final destination. Hotels located near airports offer guests unrivaled convenience and save them time.

Hotels such as the Fairmont Vancouver Airport in particular, are located directly inside the airport and eliminate the need of ground transportation all together. The walking trip from our Front Desk to the airport check-in kiosks takes as little as 1 minute, meaning guests do not need to feel stressed about time before they fly.

What makes your hotel unique and special?

What makes our hotel unique is that not only do we provide the convenience and saved time that many airport hotels offer, but we also offer the luxuries that travelers have come to expect from Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. Many airport hotels are seen as little more than a place to rest one’s head before an early morning flight, but Fairmont Vancouver Airport provides travelers with a layover as luxurious as their destination.

PHOTO CREDIT: SACHA DEVORETZ            Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel


Anything else you would like to add?

We have recently re-branded our Deluxe room category, and we now like to refer to it as a ‘business class experience before boarding a flight’. Deluxe rooms include complimentary access to the post security Plaza Premium Lounge, available in the Domestic, US, or International departures areas. Deluxe rooms are located on high level floors, and also include complimentary WiFi and calls throughout North America, and guaranteed 10 am early check-in.

Plaza Premium Lounge


Getting There

To get some spectacular views and try a different way of traveling. Helijet has transportation from downtown Vancouver to Victoria, daily. They also fly from downtown Vancouver to Nanaimo. On occasion, they make stops at the South Terminal at the Vancouver Airport. For more information, check for their most up to date schedule.

When traveling it is amazing to try new things, so try Helijet!

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