There are going to be a lot of new, exciting, innovative style trends for both guys and women in 2017!

Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with two leading designers from Vancouver – Reuben and Lévi Uwi of U.T.F.L. (Uwi Twins Fashion Label). Their style and clothes are as unique as their story.

Reuben and Lévi Uwi were born in Rwanda in 1987. They escaped the 1994 genocide with their parents and siblings by relocating to Kenya. Then in 1998, at the age of 10, they moved to Vancouver, Canada. Now, they design some of the most cutting edge designs in the country and their clothes have been featured around the world. One of their biggest inspirations are celebrities like Drake.

Reuben and Lévi shared with me the top trends.

Our latest collection was inspired by Paris fashion to create that bridge of “High fashion Paris street-wear Meets African Luxury.” This collection is a bridge between the west and Africa.

This look is all about, high end aesthetics and styles that are innovative.

This season for men, is all about investing in knits that are in different solid colours, with very minimal branding. A simple t shirt with a jacket on top will keep you looking casually fresh.

A ladies’ black blazer is subtle but also very tasteful to show off your unique style. The colour blocking isn’t going anywhere so don’t be shy to pair the blazer with a jump suit. Just add a pair of black heels to polish off the look.

Trends come and go the key thing to remember is knowing the colours that bring out your best features and play with the garments that suit your style.

What are the classic basics for a guy’s stylish wardrobe?

A stylish basic T-shirt, a pair of good fitting pants and hat are essential.

What are the top tips for a guy to look fresh?

Don’t be shy to try something new and if you feel comfortable and it makes you feel good that’s all that matters, confidence goes a long way on making the outfit work. Matching contrasting colours such as wearing red, yellow and white in one outfit will give you a lot of dimension in your outfit.

Other tips for guys to look and feel their best?

Don’t be scared to out dress your girlfriend, that extra effort goes a long way especially on a first date. Wear some colour and this is sure to make you feel extra sexy, some comfortable pants with a simple white T shirt will give you that effortless cool factor you’ve been looking for.

Here are some of the hottest trends that I have been seeing:

Bodysuits will be amazing for next year and so versatile for any woman’s wardrobe

Sweatpants meets high fashion (yeh!) pair those sweats with a chunky statement necklace (also on trend for 2017)

Chunky turtlenecks are great with everything! But just make sure if you are wearing something chunky on top that your bottom half is slim fitting. So a chunky turtleneck paired with leggings and heels

Tweed is big but use it sparingly. Tweed goes a long way. A Tweed skirt with a sleek sweater and a statement bracelet is perfect!

Keep an eye out for my blog where I will continue to share the top tips for feeling your best self. If you have any questions about style or fashion, please leave your comments below and we will find the answers for you!

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