The Local Beer and Wine Scene – BC, CANADA

Last month I attended The Harvest Party at Eco Dairy and it had everything a party should have. Delicious food? Check. Spectacular view of the mountains? Check. Wine list and an open bar? Check and check. And the best part? It was less than an hour from Vancouver! Keep reading to find out more of what I did on a night out in Abbotsford.

The Harvest Party was held at Eco Dairy located right in the lush Fraser Valley. When it’s not hosting the Harvest Party, Eco Dairy has barn tours where you can meet the cows face to face, spend time in the Discover Center where you can watch a robot milk a cow, and enjoy the picnic grounds next to some of the most beautiful sunflowers!

Taves Family Farms

Next door was the local Taves Family Farms, a spot with the magic of a traditional lifestyle and a few extra adventures thrown in. Loren and Corinne Taves, the owners of Taves Family Farms, say fall is their glory season, with freshly-roasted and buttered corn-on-the-cob, UPick Apples, a Corn Quest Maze, petting barn, pumpkin cannon, hayrides, jumping pillows, bunny town, Farmville, a Cider Mill, and much more! Their Instagram page is bursting with Fall colours to get you in the mood. Or check them out on Facebook and Twitter to see what they’re up to next! Local Beer and Wine Scene

Field House Brewing

And of course, a party is not a party without a little bit of alcohol! On site there was Field House Brewing. Field House Brewing is great because they work with other independently-owned and operated businesses. They’re equipped with ten taps and a 3,000 sq ft beer lawn–a second of its kind! Catch them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what they’re brewing next. From what we’ve heard there’s a new Lavender ESB!

Old Abbey Ales

There was also Old Abbey Ales on site, who are a local group. Everything from their hops, to grain, to fruit, is local! Local Beer and Wine Scene hooray! They have the largest selection of on tap, in-house craft beer around since 2013. Up next? Something called a Pumpkin Patch Ale. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself on Instagram!

Ravens Brewing Company

How could I forget Ravens Brewing Company? They brew European and West Coast beers. You’ll see them collaborating with local growers and suppliers to craft artisan beers that are bursting with character and style. This week they’re launching the Jackdaw Rye Sour. Want a sneak peek? It’s all on their Instagram.

Hathi Brewing

And for the craft beer lovers? Hathi! That’s Hathi (pronounced Hah-tee), the Punjabi/Hindu word for the wise elephant. Their beer is innovative and creative with both their flavour and culture so it’s bold, local, craft, with an Indian twist. They’re newly available in your local liquor store! So track them on Facebook and Instagram to see if they’re available in stores near you.

BC Hop Co.

I tasted some good hop too. BC Hop Co. works with partner farmers to bring locally-grown hops back to the Valley. Their fertile soil, sun, water, and gentle breezes means BC has one of the best hop growing environments. And you can taste the difference too! Did you catch them at #BCHopfest? See their recap on Facebook or catch up with them on Twitter to see what’s next! Local Beer and Wine Scene

Singletree Winery

Beer is great but I have to have my wine! On site was Singletree Winery, a small, family-operated vineyard located in Mt. Lehman. Their wine is characterized as aromatic and crisp with juicy flavours. Their season is really picking up so I suggest heading over to their Facebook and Twitter so you con’t miss any upcoming events!

Ripples Winery

Ripples Winery is best known for their fresh blueberries grown with no pesticides. And what do they do with their blueberries? Why they put them in wine! Definitely one of my favourites. Their wine is hand crafted and bottled on site which means everything is chemical free, family operated, and local! They’re active on Facebook and Instagram so go check them out!

Restaurant 62

Food was provided by Restaurant 62 who have been in the Fraser Valley since 2004. Their Chefs Matthew Nichols and Jeff Massey are continually crafting memorable plates where the food speaks for itself. They’ve even won the Wine Spectator’s Award for Excellence every year for the last 12 years! Their food are truly works of art. See for yourself on Facebook and Instagram.

Harvest Grill ‘n Greens

We also had Harvest Grill ‘n Greens, which is a company built on the idea of “fresh, healthy, flavourful, clean” food. It’s a “your food, your way” philosophy which is catered to everyone from hearty carnivores to vegans to those with dietary restrictions! Truly diverse and flexible. Just looking at their Instagram feed is enough to make anyone hungry! Check them out on social, you won’t regret it!

Valley Weddings

You might not have been able to see the venue itself, but it was beautifully decorated–trust me. Valley Weddings, a mother daughter team from close by in Abbotsford supplied all of the staging and decor pieces for the event! It’s elegance meets romance. See for yourself on Facebook and Instagram! Can you catch all of the beautiful details in our video?


There was also some great music too! Coalmont, a husband and wife duo based in BC, sang songs all night. They released their first album “Chronicles” in 2012 and their second album entitled “The Hallowed Grey”, which was set to be released in March of 2017. Have a listen yourself on their social or get a taste of their West Coast vibes on Instagram.

Compass Heli Tours

And to top off the night, I went on a beautiful tour of Abbotsford–from the sky! All thanks to Compass Heli Tours. They usually do private back-country helicopter adventures around BC from heli fishing, to glacier ice cave  exploration, to wilderness spa experiences. But I was lucky enough to get a spectacular view of Abbotsford like I’ve never seen it before. You can catch a glimpse of what they do on Instagram or get more information on Facebook.

I managed to do all of those activities in one night–but you can still do all of these things too! Check out their websites and explore Abbotsford yourself. Then tell us what you got up to on our social media outlets using the hashtags #exploreabbotsford and #explorebc. We’d love to see what you do!