The key to a flattering outfit and being comfortable all day is having great fitting undergarments. To find out the hottest trends in undergarments for spring and to find out how to ensure the best fit, I spoke with Catherine Swick, Merchandiser, Women’s at Jockey.

The Hottest Trends In Undergarments For Spring!

Catherine shared with me the top trends for spring.

What are the hottest trends in undergarments for spring?

The hottest trend in undergarments this spring is delivering invisibility for a smooth, no-line look under clothes. Invisibility is delivered through Seamfree construction, laser cut edges and/or and bonded leg finishes.

What are the hot colours for spring?

Guava and bright pinks, mint, icy blue, turquoise, aqua, yellow, lilac and paisley prints are hot this spring.


How to ensure the best fitting underwear?

Follow your normal sizing. Some brands sizing may differ slightly so be sure to check out the size charts. For the perfect fit – It is a good idea to use a tape measure to check that your size and the size chart measurement are the same.

If you prefer a more classic, full coverage fit, you may like a hi cut or a brief. If you prefer a more modern, low-rise fit, you may prefer a hipster or a bikini.

To find out how all shapes can have a smooth and comfortable fitting bra, I spoke with Yildiz Wisniewski, Senior Director, Jockey bra. Yildiz revealed the best tips for a perfect fitting bra.

How to ensure the best fit for bras?

A few quick tips:

Check the cups: You should be filling the entire cup without overflow out of the top or side. Or have big pockets of air in your cup.

Check the straps: They shouldn’t be tight or carry all the weight of your breasts. If you have deep indentations on your shoulders, your straps are carrying most of the weight.

Check the band: make sure it’s centered on your back horizontally.

Raise your arms; if the band moves up, or comes away from your body under your breasts, then your band is too loose. That’s when the straps are working too hard, you want your underband to be snug and not move when you lift your arms so it can provide proper support.


What is the difference between underwire, soft bras and other types of bras?

Underwire bras use a C shaped wire sewn into the bra to give shape and extra support to the cups for a structured fit.

Soft cup bras do not use wires for a more relaxed fit.

Other features are unlined, lightly lined, or padded cups. Unlined cups are just fabric, lightly lined has an additional layer for modesty, or padded cups that can add inches to existing shape.

What are the best tips to care for your undergarments?

Always follow the care instructions on the garment to ensure optimal longevity and durability. However, sometimes the best results will come from washing by hand or with a lingerie bag.

I am going to use these helpful tips as I continue to expand by style ideas this spring!
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