I love the idea of having a multi purpose wardrobe. Living on the north shore in Vancouver there are so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. But after a hike, I may need to go to the store or the bank. How can you dress for a hike and for running errands around town?

Recently, I spoke with Janna Bishop, MEC Active Lifestyle Designer and Janna shared with me more on the latest trends for athleisure. These are clothes that you can wear when you are active and also when you are strolling around town.

What are the latest trends for athleisure for spring?

The silhouette for spring athleisure is made-up of oversized tops, with tights or elastic cuffed sweats and chunky soled sneakers.

What are the latest colours?

Black, white and grey are not necessarily what you expect for spring, but we’re seeing these neutrals dominate athleisure. Heathered textures are popular and are being incorporated from top to bottom. The neons prevalent in previous seasons are fading into softer brights and saturated jewel tones.


What is the difference between workout clothes and athleisure clothing?

Athleisure is all about stylish comfort. Clothes specifically designed for high output activities will put function above aesthetic. For example, I’d never design a running top with heavy zippers, but that kind of hardware could work great in something designed with athleisure in mind.

Although there are pieces that easily blend between athleisure and active wear, a lot of what we’re seeing as part of the athleisure trend is going to be used foremost as lounge wear.

Why did this trend start?

There are times when fashion looks to athletic apparel for inspiration and times when the opposite is true. MEC has seen this trend cycle over the past couple of decades but I’m especially loving fashion’s current interpretation.

The trend has gained momentum because people are increasingly looking for clothing that is stylish and will remain comfortable throughout the day. Also, a trend that gives people another reason to wear sweatpants is always going to be popular.


Who is are athleisure clothing for?

Nothing makes athleisure specific to one market, which is another reason the trend is growing. The simplicity of the designs make them super wearable and the cross over potential from lounging to activity appeals to those who want more use from the clothes they purchase.

What kind of materials do you use for athleisure?

Cotton blends and lighter spring wools are popular. Quick drying and the more technical fabrics are less important in this space. However, spandex is still a prevalent fabric for bottoms.


Any other tips?

Don’t feel like you have to wear the trend head-to-toe. Not everyone will feel confident going out in a hoody, sweat pants and Tevas. You can easily break up the look by switching out your hoody for a jean jacket, your Tevas for a leather sandal and your backpack for a leather bag.

I am going to use these helpful tips as I continue to expand by style ideas this spring!

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s have the very best 2015!

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