Winter Fun In Toronto!

I love finding new places to visit and exploring new parts of cities. Recently, I was lucky enough to learn about some new fun activities to try in Toronto in the winter!

Top Tips For Winter Skincare!

My skin has been acting really weird lately. Dry skin and red puffiness under my eyes, and stubborn combination skin patches. It must be the change of the seasons.

How To Snowshoe For Fitness – Ways To Live A Healthy Life

Last week, I wrote a blog about “Health Benefits of Snowshoeing.” I had such a great response and so many questions, I thought I would write a follow up blog to discuss how you can take snowshoeing to the next level… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Start Skiing… Now

I was lucky enough to see the movie “McConkey,” a film about Shane McConkey one of the best skiers ever. Shane led the path for freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping, he had a sparkling sense of humour and inspired countless lives.

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