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CBC Vancouver – Best Travel Tips!

After traveling to more than 23 countries on five continents (and continue to travel weekly!) I am happy to share my top tips with CBC’s Our Vancouver TV show. Some tips include: How to get the best flight deals! Top… Continue Reading →

Top Tea Tips and Health Benefits

More than a year ago, I stopped drinking coffee. It was making me too jittery and my heart would be pounding. I also started to read more about the benefits of tea. So I made the switch. At first, I… Continue Reading →

Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea

About two years ago, I stopped drinking coffee. I found that espresso and cups of coffee made me too hyped up and I would end up shaking and not sleeping soundly. So I made the transition to tea. I find… Continue Reading →

How To Choose The Perfect Sports Bra

I started running in 1991. During this time, finding a good, supportive sports bra was really limited. The sports bras were mostly a cross back and strapped you in. There wasn’t much stretch and I could barely breathe, the bras… Continue Reading →

Top Tips For A Great Day Hike

I love going on a day hike. Nothing is better than being out with friends enjoying nature and having a laugh. But from time to time, when I am on the trail I do see people who look distressed or… Continue Reading →

Tents Can Be Super Comfortable For Camping

I love spending time outdoors and it is great that there are so many options now to make camping and hiking more comfortable. It is wonderful to spend time in nature but if you are not enjoying yourself, then it… Continue Reading →

How Scents Can Enhance Your Mood

I love lavender (so relaxing!) and floral scents. This puts a spring in my step. When I am working, I will take little breaks throughout the day and use a scented spray or have aromatherapy candles burning to help me… Continue Reading →

The Best Ways To Relax With A Bath

Last week I wrote about how I love massages to relax. But another lovely option for some down time is a bath. The perfect way to cool off in the summer and an amazing way to warm up in the… Continue Reading →

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