Hot Style Tips for Bigger Chested Women

Finding the right fit when you have a bigger chest is not fun. So many women have commented to me, “You are so lucky to have a chest.” Not when it comes to finding clothes that fit. bigger chested women I… Continue Reading →

The best jeans for your body type

There are so many denim styles to choose from – but with nearly unlimited options when it comes to wash and fit – it can be difficult to navigate the playing field and figure out what are the best jeans for… Continue Reading →

Hot Spring Trends For Denim!

The majority of my wardrobe is denim. It is so comfortable and has come a long way from the days when jeans were stiff and rigid. The materials they use in denim now breathes, and also allows you to ride… Continue Reading →

Hot Shoe Trends For Spring 2015

I used to have only two pairs of shoes and one pair of boots in my closet. The shoes were one pair of black shoes and one pair of white shoes.

How To Dress Up a T-Shirt and Look Fabulous For Any Occasion

If you look inside my closet on the far right there is an array of T-shirts in every colour and style you can imagine. I do have a few sweaters and blazers, but the majority of my wardrobe is T-shirts…. Continue Reading →

Hot Eyeshadow Trends For 2015

For many, many years if you looked in my bathroom drawer, you would find only three different eyeshadows. An individual pink, brown and navy. I didn’t have much variety in my looks and really couldn’t have imagined how fun it… Continue Reading →

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