How To Create Flawless Skin

The best start to any outfit is having flawless skin, but how to achieve it? I know with my own skin sometimes it is oily and other days it is dry. Combine this with aging skin and it can seem… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things I Love ~ All Things Pretty, Travel And The Outdoors!

I would love to share with you a few of the things, people, places that I love. There is more I could add to this list but it is a good start. Top of the list for things I love… Continue Reading →

Hot Shoe Trends For Spring 2015

I used to have only two pairs of shoes and one pair of boots in my closet. The shoes were one pair of black shoes and one pair of white shoes.

The Hottest Jewelery Trends For Spring! Love For Pretty Things 2015

For years now, I have had a bracelet (my dad gave me), a watch and a long necklace that my friend gave me which I wear with everything. This is the extent of my jewelry. But I do have a… Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Best Products To Make Your Hair Pretty

The natural ‘wave‘ for my hair is mushroom style. If I let it dry on its own, with no product to tame it, there will be a full on poof on the top of my head. The rest will take… Continue Reading →

Top Tips To Keep Your Breath Fresh and Teeth White – Ways to live a healthy pretty life

Last week I had a day in Vancouver. I thought I had a nice outfit on and my hair looked pretty good. Feeling confident, I started small talk with the good looking guy across from me.

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