I believe in bringing the best to everything I do.

Part of this is spending my days with people who bring me so much joy and make me laugh everyday. The other aspect of this, is to continually challenge myself on how I can improve and how I can be… Continue Reading →

Perfect Sunny Vacation Looks

Super comfy. This is what I love everyday and especially when I am traveling! I look forward to taking my next flight and seeing new places. When I pack my luggage, I always take a few pieces that I can… Continue Reading →

Can you imagine yourself doing something you have always dreamed of?

Can you imagine yourself doing something you have always dreamed of, that could affect so many people? Strangers you don’t even know, or you couldn’t have dreamt that you could have had an impact on. After posting a few of… Continue Reading →

The Top Tips For Taking Amazing Photos When Traveling

Traveling and taking photos are two of my favourite hobbies. When done right, they can be a brilliant way to share your experiences with friends and family.

How To Take Amazing Photos And Videos This Summer!

Recently, I wrote a post about the “Top Tips For Taking Amazing Travel Photos!.” I love learning about new ways to shoot. Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Zach Settewongse, Creative Manager of Photo & Video at Lowepro &… Continue Reading →

Top Tips For Taking Amazing Travel Photos!

I love traveling, taking photos and shooting videos. With more experience shooting videos and I was curious about how I can create travel photos that people will really enjoy?

How to Pick the Perfect Bag for Your Needs

I have been carrying around a big bag ever since I can remember. High school, I was hauling around a bag filled with my gear for school and activities. When I was working in the corporate world, I would haul… Continue Reading →

One Cool Trend for 2015? Film Cameras!

I have always loved film cameras. My love affair with film cameras started when there was only film. In 1988, I was sitting in art class and the teacher told us that we would have a new assignment. We would… Continue Reading →

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