Men’s Style & Grooming Tips on CTV EDMONTON

There are lots of easy tips for men who want to look and feel their best. First tip which is the easiest; use a daily moisturizer with an SPF. The sunscreen will protect your skin year round and also keep… Continue Reading →

How Scents Can Enhance Your Mood

I love lavender (so relaxing!) and floral scents. This puts a spring in my step. When I am working, I will take little breaks throughout the day and use a scented spray or have aromatherapy candles burning to help me… Continue Reading →

How To Have A Beautifully Scented Home For Spring!

I love all things that smell pretty. In particular, nice scents that can swirl around my condo and lift my spirits throughout the day. I work from home, so having a nice living and working environment means a lot. Recently… Continue Reading →

L’Occitane Almond Velvet Youthful Body Serum

If you are already thinking about the summer and those lovely summer dresses, then this is the body serum for you! L’Occitane¬†has done it again with this youthful body serum that promises amazing skin by summer. The gorgeous cream smells… Continue Reading →

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