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Top Tips For A Great Day Hike

I love going on a day hike. Nothing is better than being out with friends enjoying nature and having a laugh. But from time to time, when I am on the trail I do see people who look distressed or… Continue Reading →

How To Choose The Best Workout Snack!

I was at the grocery store the other day just looking for a pre workout (healthy) snack. There was a whole wall of ‘healthy’ workout bars to choose from. Different sizes, flavours, high protein or high carbs, so many choices… Continue Reading →

New Trends For Fall Cosmetics

Fall is my favourite season! So many gorgeous colours to choose from and the fashion is bold and comfy. To find out the latest beauty trends for fall I spoke with Sonia Leal-Serafim, Master Face Designer for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics… Continue Reading →

Top Tips For A Super Healthy Summer Smoothie

It’s no secret, I love smoothies. Two reasons why I love them so much are that you can make them to taste similar to ice cream and they pack a great nutritional punch! You can pack a lot of veggies… Continue Reading →

Tents Can Be Super Comfortable For Camping

I love spending time outdoors and it is great that there are so many options now to make camping and hiking more comfortable. It is wonderful to spend time in nature but if you are not enjoying yourself, then it… Continue Reading →

Want An Amazing Butt? Do These Exercises

It only takes one look at Kim Kardashian to know that having a shapely derriere is in high demand among celebrities. But how do you get that much sought after silhouette without being rich and famous? It’s not as hard… Continue Reading →

How You Can Protect Your Skin From The Sun This Summer

Sacha DeVoretz (author) enjoying the outdoors with sunscreen for top protection! I used to do triathlons in my 20’s and loved to do long bike rides. I was racing in Alberta in a half Ironman race and was on my… Continue Reading →

How To Get Healthy This Summer

It is easy in the summer time for me to grab a bag of chips instead of a healthy snack. I want to stay on track this summer, not just for the way I look, but most importantly for how… Continue Reading →

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