Evo Car Share Tips and How It Works!

My partner and I share one car. I usually ride my bike around town and he takes the car. But sometimes my bike trips can be long. I started to notice that there were Evo cars in my neighbourhood (North… Continue Reading →

How To Eat Healthy When Dining Out

I love learning about new seasonal foods and eating healthy. Luckily, there continues to be more options to eat healthy when dining out.

Top Trends For Fall Commuter Jackets

I love cycling. Since I was nine years old, the idea of having the freedom to peddle my bike around the corner made my heart soar. Now at 44, I still love riding my bike just as much. The friends… Continue Reading →

How To Clean Your Skin Quickly and Naturally

I love the combination of natural, pretty and easy. The¬†Juicy bamboo natural facial cleansing cloths, winner of the 2014 Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards for Best Natural Beauty Product¬†and touted as the ultimate juice cleanse for skincare slackers are all of… Continue Reading →

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