Evo Car Share Tips and How It Works!

My partner and I share one car. I usually ride my bike around town and he takes the car. But sometimes my bike trips can be long. I started to notice that there were Evo cars in my neighbourhood (North… Continue Reading →

How To Eat Healthy When Dining Out

I love learning about new seasonal foods and eating healthy. Luckily, there continues to be more options to eat healthy when dining out.

Top Trends For Fall Commuter Jackets

I love cycling. Since I was nine years old, the idea of having the freedom to peddle my bike around the corner made my heart soar. Now at 44, I still love riding my bike just as much. The friends… Continue Reading →

How To Clean Your Skin Quickly and Naturally

I love the combination of natural, pretty and easy. The Juicy bamboo natural facial cleansing cloths, winner of the 2014 Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards for Best Natural Beauty Product and touted as the ultimate juice cleanse for skincare slackers are all of… Continue Reading →

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