How Protein Can Improve Your Health

I was 20-something and it was the 90s, low-fat was all the rage. Everything you could probably think of was low fat.

Beetroot & Ginger Green Smoothie Recipe

  Here is another delicious smoothie that I tried today. Some people like to juice but I prefer smoothies. They retain more fibre and nutrients than juicing.

Apple Kale Green Smoothie Recipe

For my lunch, I love to make a super smoothie. This is my own blend based from a smoothie recipe and then I add in little extras, like a handful of spinach or a chopped up beet. With the Apple… Continue Reading →

Eating Healthy Made Easy… Every Day

I do get outdoors and eat pretty healthy throughout the year. But what does slip me up when it comes to eating healthy are those busy hectic days. Those days when I am going at a frantic pace from morning… Continue Reading →

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