CTV Edmonton – Holiday Gift Ideas!

It makes me so happy to give someone a gift that brings them happiness. Here are some of my gift ideas that you can share with the special people in your life. Beauty and Style Gifts for 2018: Huawei Mate… Continue Reading →

How To Create Delicious Holiday Drinks This Season!

The holiday season is in full swing and you know what that means—parties, socializing, and a whole lot of indulging.

VIDEO: How to wrap weirdly-shaped gifts

At this time of the year, everyone comes across an oddly shaped gift that needs wrapping. Fortunately, Jo Pearson, craft expert at Michaels has all the top tips you need to make any present look beautiful.

VIDEO: The biggest gift-wrapping mistakes, and how to fix them

With the busy holiday season, it is easy to leave gift wrapping to the last minute, but wrapping your presents in in a rush may not always lead to the best results. Luckily, Jo Pearson, craft expert for Michaels, shared… Continue Reading →

Single? Here’s How You Can Find Love Over The Holidays

It is possible to find love at any time of the year, but recently I was lucky enough to speak with Kimberly Moffit, Match.com’s Canadian relationship expert and a doctor of psychology. Kimberly shared her top 10 tips to find… Continue Reading →

Amazing Gift Ideas For Women – And the Woman On Your List!

I love the holidays, it is my favourite time of year. With this in mind, I have put together a list of must have’s for this holiday season for the special woman on your list. Amazing Gift Ideas For Women

The Top Reasons Why Ballet Is Cool

Ballet is beyond cool. It is a unique expression of a story and music combined. The dancers have gone through years of practises and hours of gruelling rehearsals to be able to grace the stage.

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