Watch this video for a Super Healthy Kitchen in 10 Days!

First Healthy Tip – One New Item a Week

Simply try one new veggie or healthy food a week.

If you like it, swap it out for a less healthy item that you currently have in your kitchen.

Do this once a week.

And in 10 week’s time, you will have a super healthy kitchen.

Slow changes with foods and activities that you love, are the key to long term success.

Pro Tip – Try preparing new healthy foods with spices or low calorie sauces or vinegars you love.

If you love it – it will bring life long changes 🙂

Second Healthy Tip – Sparkling Waters

To give your daily water intake some flavour, try mixing flavoured sparkling waters or Vitamin C packets to your glass of water.

This will make it more enjoyable and encourage you to drink more water every day!

The recommended water intake is 4 cups a day – but this is dependent on your activity level and other factors. But it’s a good start!

When you go to the grocery store – make sure that the flavoured water you choose has 0 calories. Some flavoured waters have many calories – as many calories as a can of soda or pop!

You don’t want to drink your calories – that’s like throwing your health out the window!

Healthy Cocktails

If you like a cocktail to go with dinner – try using sparkling waters (with 0 calories) as your mixer – this saves calories and tastes great!

Vodka has the least number of calories – at 100 calories a shot and Gin and Tequila have a 110 calories a shot.

Moderation is the key to being healthy but at the same time you want to enjoy life too!

Third Healthy Tip – Barbecues

Top 5 tips for purchasing a new barbecue

What to look for in a new BBQ:

What kind of fuel do you want? Charcoal, propane or natural gas?

High heat – Look for a cast aluminum firebox that will retain heat and maintain temperature.

Handy features and add on’s – infrared side grill for searing cuts of meat, rotisserie burner and kit, smoker tube or box.

Assurance and my favourite Barbecue brand – If you are looking for an amazing barbecue, I love Napoleon it comes with 15-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on all parts, and a limited lifetime warranty on major components.

Best Tips For A Super Healthy Barbecue

The best grill ideas are meats, fish or chicken. Super healthy and yummy for your barbecues.

Less fat – food cooked on the grill isn’t sitting in it’s own fatty juices.

Healthy foods are better on the grill – fresh vegetables retain more nutrients when grilled compared to boiling or frying.

Lean and Healthy Meats for the BBQ

– Extra Lean Turkey Burgers
– Pork Tenderloin
– Flank Steak
– Salmon – great for protein, Omega 3 Fatty acids and High in B vitamins


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