I asked my dad on Opening Night what he thought Long Division was about. He said, “They’re trying to use life to explain math”, and I said, “I thought they were using math to explain life”. It turns out it’s a combination of both blended with complex equations and hard-hitting emotion. Keep reading for our review of Peter Dickinson’s brilliantly complicated but intricately woven play Long Division now playing at Pi Theatre.

Long Division is a play in seven parts. Made up of seven monologues stitched together and layered over each other, the play follows seven takes on the same event. 1.) a high school math teacher, 2.) a businessman with a teenage daughter, 3.) a lesbian bar owner, 4.) an aspiring actress, 5.) a soccer-loving Imam, 6.) a high school principal, and 7.) a single mom. Presented in the format of a math problem, each member of the cast uncovers their part in answering the questions “Why are they meeting?”, “How are they bound together”, and “What exactly happened that night?”. It makes for a mind-racing mystery about connection, grief, and recovery.

Each cast member holds their own in Long Division. There are a few seasoned veterans but all of the cast members Anousha Alamian, Jay Clift, Nicco Lorenzo Garcia, Jennifer Lines, Melissa Oei, Linda Quibell, and Kerry Sandomirksy prove their talent on stage. The standout of the night, however, is Nicco Lorenzo Garcia, who plays Paul Vinoray the high school math teacher. Although this is his debut with Pi Theatre, Nicco has the important task of starting and ending the show. He not only directs all the other characters but he guides the audience as well, teaching the audience more about math than my high school match teacher ever did!

All in all, Long Division promises to be an educational but emotionally moving show from start to finish. The characters work seamlessly together with help from choreographer Lesley Telford and director Richard Wolfe. I would highly recommend grabbing a pair of tickets tonight! Watch it at The Orpheum Annex from April 27 to April 30, 2017. Buy your tickets here before they sell out.

Deanna Cheng authored this blog post. Deanna is a team member of Super Sacha, loves the arts, culture and has an interest in International Relations.