Super comfy. This is what I love everyday and especially when I am traveling!

I look forward to taking my next flight and seeing new places. When I pack my luggage, I always take a few pieces that I can mix and match with everything and are easy to clean.

One of my big travel tips is to take a delicate (small size) laundry detergent. It is liquid and easy to use for washing clothes in a hotel bathroom sink.

The clothes I pack can be worn cycling or on a night out. How do I do this?

I pack a few pretty accessories. Earrings, a glamorous watch and a few different necklaces in silver and gold.

Tommy Bahama is pretty luxury travel wear (for women and men!) with the Perfect Sunny Vacation Looks.

I pack a pair of sneakers, run outfit and my workout (weights) routine. This way, if the weather and surroundings allow, I can explore the city by running.

If the weather is not great or it is not a great place for running (think big cities), then I will take my workout to the hotel gym. Or even in a pinch, I will go up the stairs (repeat) to get my heart rate up.

My last tip for traveling, is that I always bring my favourite makeup items. This helps me feel my very best, even when there are delays and unexpected changes in my travels I will feel better with my favourite lipstick (Giorgio Armani).

For being healthy, I always drink lots of water, pack snacks that are delicious and nutritious, and take with me smoothie shake mixes  (travel sizes).

So on any day, regardless of where I am in the world, I can count on some nutrition in my day.

Let me know your style (and being healthy) vacation questions, I would love to hear from you!

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