I love sharing Men’s Style Tips!

Lots of guys have questions on how they can look great.

These are some of my favourite tips and items so guys can look and feel great (comfy too!).


For Thicker Men’s Hair Viviscal for Men – clinically proven, naturally derived answer to thicker fuller looking hair.

Recommended daily intake:

Adults less than 80kg (176lbs): one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening before meals for 6 to 8 months. After this, take one tablet per day for 4 to 6 months.

Adults more than 80kg (176lbs): one tablet 3 times a day, before meals for 6 to 8 months. After this, take one tablet per day for 4 to 6 months.

Viviscal tablets are easy to swallow.

Why Viviscal Man?

  • 100% drug free
  • Contains some ingredients of natural origins
  • Nourishes thinning hair and promotes men’s healthy hair from within
  • Surgery-free, easy-to-use solution for thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair
  • Suitable for all hair types

For Super White Teeth – Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste – To keep your teeth super white – try to brush your teeth after you drink or eat dark coloured foods or drinks. This helps to prevent staining.

Simply White® uses naturally sourced silicas for clinically proven whitening without bleaching chemicals, so you can bring back the natural beauty of your smile. Simply White® is also the only natural whitening toothpaste to earn the ADA Seal!

No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

No animal ingredients

Not tested on animals

Smell Nice EverydayTom’s of Maine Deodorant 

It contains a combination of odor-fighting hops to provide 24-hour odor protection to help keep you feeling fresh throughout the day, and natural fragrance to help you smell and feel your best!

Aluminum free

No artificial fragrances or preservatives

No animal ingredients

Not tested on animals

Men’s Style Made EasyRado Watches

GQ Magazine says one of the easiest ways for guys to look awesome is simply by adding a watch to complete the look. Casual or dressy watches are always a great addition to any outfit.

When purchasing a watch consider which outfit you will be wearing it with? A casual or a dressier look?

After your purchase (congratulations!) take your watch to a reputable jeweler and they can fit the watch for your wrist. This will look better and also be more comfortable for you to wear.

Rado is a globally recognized brand, famous for innovative design and its use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world’s most beautiful and durable watches. Ever since its beginnings in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado has been a pioneer, with the brand philosophy “if we can imagine it, we can make it” still holds true today.

Hamilton Watches – Pioneering, practical, precise: Hamilton uses a unique combination of Swiss precision and American spirit to create distinctive, versatile watches for aficionados and style conscious individuals alike.

Hamilton has a long history and has achieved numerous milestones, all of which have contributed to making Hamilton the strong, internationally renowned watch brand it is today.

Duer Denim – available at Camper’s Village –

DUER started in 2013 when an entrepreneur wanted to bridge the gap between fashion and functional clothing.

With 25 years making jeans for big names like Levi Strauss and a new love of cycling, Gary Lenett saw an opportunity for purposeful fashion that didn’t exist on the market. He partnered with Abid Hafeez, a performance fabric expert with over 25 years of experience with technical brands, and DUER was born.

Since then, their clothes have be found on the likes of professional athletes, commuters, and every adventurer in-between.

Men’s Skincare can be easy and part of your daily routine.

Riversol Skincare 

What makes Riversol special?

Dr. Rivers created Riversol. He is a noted dermatologist and considered one of the best in Canada!

From the start, Dr. Rivers always insisted that his products include a unique antioxidant from the Pacific red cedar tree called Beta-Thujaplicin. Dr. Rivers calls it Beta-T for short. To his knowledge, they’re the only topical skincare company in the world to use it.

Dr. Rivers spent many years working with patients that have severe sun damage and skin cancer. The more research he did, the more impressed he was with this unique ingredient and its ability to reduce the look of sun spots and improve skin clarity and texture.

You can get a FREE 15 Day Sample Kit through their website. There should be enough product to last for about 15-days of regular use. In most cases this is enough time to see if Riversol is right for you.

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