I love fall. Pretty, light, fresh makeup. There are so many options: to go from a touch of tinted moisturizer (when I am going for a hike outdoors) to glamorous holiday party looks! The options at this time of year are fantastic.

To find out all the latest makeup trends for this season and how to keep your skin looking fresh, I spoke with M•A•C Cosmetics Senior Artist Jane McKay. Jane shared all of her top tips on how you can look pretty and feel your very best this season!


Here are the hot looks this season:

Sharp Red Lips – A bold pink red looks good on everyone.

Razor Cut Eyes – Use a liquid liner for a quick and effortless application and to help you create eyeliner looks that are architecturally graphic and/or more freeform and organic in shape. This is so on trend right now.

Kaleidoscope of Colour & Glitter – Colour is SO powerful to brighten the face. Use it on a focus feature such as eyes, lips or cheeks. Do not go overboard by applying loads of various colours on multiple features at the same time, as it may appear overdone and not as contemporary.

Stained and Diffused – This is the easiest of the four makeup looks to create. The soft and pretty interest, makes most women appear more youthful. As the saying goes, less is more.


Who can wear these looks?

Everyone can wear these looks. Between all these four trends, there is literally something for everyone.

Any tips for mature skin and on trends looks?

Yes. Create contemporary, light reflective, well moisturized and never underestimate the power of moisturizer and highlights to fill out a mature face.

No contouring/shading required, as it may sullen and age the face.

To create a satin looking skin texture, use a creamy, hydrating Foundation and do not powder.

Create a wash of stained and diffused colour over the eyes and cheeks. It is easy to apply and may appear more seamless, pretty and not overdone.

Choose pink/orange undertoned red lip colour over burgundy’s or purple’s, as the latter may contrast aging teeth.


Top tips to keep your makeup fresh all day long?

Typically, oily skin is prone to make up disappearing more than dry skin so it may benefit more from foundation layering techniques. Heat and humidity are also huge factors for wear ability, however this may be more of a summer issue.

Powders and/or oil absorbing products such as blot films help to absorb excess oils and moisture to help makeup stay fresh all day.


Here is one of my personal tips (which I love!):

Finish your eyes with a coat of mascara. A key tip to keeping your favourite mascara long wearing, is to prime your lashes with a lash primer. I love it because it makes any type of mascara perform better and helps mascara stay water-resistant (from snow, rain and laughing tears of joy!).

You can also re-apply your lash primer on the existing mascara on your lashes, and it will help make them lush, makes the reapplication of mascara more pliable and helps condition lashes. Pop on your favourite lipstick or lip gloss and you are good to go!

I love these beauty tips for this season. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have any beauty tips that are great for the colder months, I would love to hear from you!

Let’s have the best fall ever!

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