I have been carrying around a big bag ever since I can remember. High school, I was hauling around a bag filled with my gear for school and activities. When I was working in the corporate world, I would haul around a big bag filled with lunch, workout gear, and magazines for the bus (this was before laptops).

Now, as a lifestyle blogger and journalist, I have a bag (or two) slung over my shoulder, filled with healthy snacks, pens, laptop, camera, lenses and tripod. The bag is spilling out of the top, and quite often heavier than I am.

I wanted to learn more about how I can choose an amazing bag for 2016. The dream bag that will carry all my items and look good. I found out these key points to look for when choosing a bag:

– Look for what the bag is made of – This can make a big difference in the wear and how long the bag will last. Is it durable material you need or something with a more luxurious esthetic?

– The size of the bag – Unfortunately, bags do not grow. I know, I learned this. They will only tear. So when looking for a bag, it is good idea to have a bit more room than you need, so you can grow into it.

– Features – Do you need pockets? Do you need padding for your laptop or gear? Or maybe special pockets for baby wipes? Try to think about what you will be packing around daily and where this could be stored in the bag. The biggest no-no for me, is a bag with no compartments. I have a bag like this and everything just goes into one huge vat at the bottom of my bag. Think headphones tangled up around a sticky energy bar.

To find out more tips on how you can choose the perfect bag for your needs, I spoke with Kelly Moore Clark, designer and owner of Kelly Moore Bag.


Kelly shared with me, “I started this business because at the time there were no beautiful bag options for female photographers. I wanted a product that did not exist. So, I thought other stylish men and women felt the same way.” Kelly’s bags are now also used by moms and other people.

Kelly shared these helpful tips:

Bags that have compartments, strategically placed pockets, and removable adjustable baskets are better if you are carrying around multiple items.

What are the new colours or trends for bags this season?

Pastels and muted tones are trending right now.

What are the best tips to care for bags?

We recommend spot cleaning with a warm wet rag, or Mr.Clean Magic eraser works well for removing pen marks, dirt, etc.


Here’s another tip – there are bags specifically for guys. There are colours to suit a guy’s style and lifestyle.

Any other tips or innovations in the future?

We are always thinking and brainstorming of new bag ideas, colors, & functions!

I am going to use these helpful tips as I continue to expand my style ideas for bags!
Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s have the very best year ever!

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