I think this year I will actually go out for New Year’s Eve. Usually I sit at home in my PJ’s with my cat (Seymour), eat pizza and watch Times Square on TV.

I am still looking around for a great event but I have already planned my outfit, complete with hair and makeup for this special evening.

Recently, I spoke with Joyce Poon, President & Founder, Noir Lash Lounge. Joyce shared her top trends for gorgeous eyelashes for New Year’s Eve and the holidays.

False lashes are seeing a HUGE comeback and are actually the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry (tons of new companies, lots more choices). Anyone involved in the beauty industry in L.A. wears these on a daily basis. As well, the popularity of makeup blogs, YouTube and Instagram has sparked a heavy interest in makeup. Layered styles are the most popular as it is more realistic despite the dramatic length and volume!

What are the top trends for holiday lashes?

Everyone tends to go bigger for the holidays — glamorous, long… New Year’s Eve is also a BIG event and one of the few events where women really want to glam it up!

How to apply these lashes?

The short answer is to apply them along your lash line using a lash adhesive. Are they temporary? Yes.

How to Have Fabulous Eyelashes

How often can temporary lashes be used?

If you’re careful and remember to clean them after each use, false eyelashes can last for at least 10 wears.

How to care for them?

Remove the adhesive from the lash after each use, put them into a HARD case to keep their shape and protect them from getting crushed in your makeup bag. Keep them intact by removing the glue (washing with lukewarm water) from the band after each use and keep their shape by storing them safely.

Can you get eyelash extensions for a one time event? Like New Year’s?

Of course and then how do you have them removed? You can go to a salon for a professional removal or let them naturally fall off.

How to Have Fabulous Eyelashes

Other tips for the holidays and pretty eyelashes?

Have fun with the lashes! Try new eyeshadow colours and textures to really make them pop! False eyelashes also come in different colours, this is a fun way to make your eyelashes pop! Adding that extra colour can really make your lashes stand out over the holidays.