I started running in 1991. During this time, finding a good, supportive sports bra was really limited. The sports bras were mostly a cross back and strapped you in.

There wasn’t much stretch and I could barely breathe, the bras were so restrictive. At the end of a long run, I would have painful chaffing. Not fun.

Luckily, over the years there has a been a huge amount of progress made with sports bras to fit different sizes of women for different activities.

Recently, I spoke with Julie Douce, Sales Director Chantelle and Passionata . Julie provided her top tips on how to find the perfect sports bra for your shape and activity.

How to choose the right sports bra for your size and shape?

The right sport bra is true to size. No reason to choose a size up or down.

Depending on the sport you do, it has to help to reduce the bounce of the bust and provide support and containment. It has to have a snugger band than a regular bra because you will do a lot of movement and need support from the band to reduce any bounce.

Are there different sports bras for different activities?

Yes, there are low impact sport bra for yoga, stretching, etc…And high impact sports bra for more dynamic sports like running, fitness, tennis,…

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How to ensure a good fit with a sports bra?

It has to provide containment and support. It has to be a bit snug in the back to provide more support. Those features will definitely help to reduce the bounce during your work out.

It has to be not too covering under the arm to make it easy for all your movements and not give you any irritations. If it has a J hook, this is even better for support and also easier to match with the different outfits.

If you have a larger top, how to ensure that you have enough support?

Your sports bra should offer great support with comfort, whatever your size is. Key points for support and comfort in bigger sizes:

– U-shape back to give a better support
– Larger straps to avoid cutting the shoulders
– Not too much coverage under the arm, to make it easy for all movements and not give you any irritation

How to care for your sports bra?

You have to wash it after each work out session, so ideally you should have two sport bras to alternate.

How long does a sports bra last before the support is gone?

Look for qualitative fabrics in a bra, with this type of fabric, there should be no reason that the support will go away. But because you need to wash a sports bra more often than a regular bra, it might need to be replaced sooner.

Any other tips?

A sports bra with good support and containment allows to reduce the bounce during the effort, but also reduces the effects of the bounce on the breast tissues. That means that if you wear the perfect sports bra (whatever your size), your bust will stay beautiful longer!

I will continue to enjoy the outdoors and share my experiences. If you have ideas or questions about the outdoors, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to find the answer for you.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to enjoy life to the fullest. Let’s have the very best 2015!

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