I always love to feel healthy, strong and vibrant. I read countless books and articles on the topic to expand my knowledge on how I can enjoy life to the fullest.


Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Joe Cross. Joe is the founder and CEO of Reboot. His personal story of transformation was chronicled in the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, which has been seen by more than 20 million people worldwide.

Joe shared with me some of his tips for how to be super healthy this summer.

What are the top tips for keeping healthy?

We live in a world where we constantly tempted to indulge in unhealthy habits. It makes it pretty difficult to stay on the straight and narrow, even though you know that sticking a healthy diet is the right choice.

This is why I decided to collect the information I was getting from doctors, practitioners, health and life coaches and experts around the world and distill it down into 7 keys to well being which would make it easier for me and my community to put the ideas into practice.

In my new book, Reboot with Joe: Fully Charged, you can read about the 7 keys, which are:

1. Change Your Relationship to Food
2. Change Your Diet
3. Change Your Food Habits
4. Embrace Community
5. Maintain the Machine
6. Mindfulness
7. Respect Yourself

After you have started to get healthier, how to stay on track?

Make a plan. A plan will give you a framework to stick to. Seeing as most diets have a plan, there should also be a plan to eat healthy every day. I suggest starting with one or two goals, such as drinking a juice everyday.

What are the top mistakes people make on the journey to getting healthy?

I reckon that the biggest mistake people make is thinking that they are on this journey alone. It is important to cultivate a community that will support you on your journey. It could be family, friends, a co-worker or even a pal you meet online. It really makes a difference to have someone there to take a walk with you or eat a healthy meal with you.

How to set realistic expectations and goals with being healthy?

Don’t go overboard. There is no quick fix. Once you have accomplished the first few goals on your list, it’s safe to move forward. If we try to do everything at once, it could lead to more disappointment than anything else.

It’s important to remember that baby steps tend to lead to longer-term accomplishments. It’s best to start slowly, and try to pick goals that aren’t too far out of reach to get you going. Even after you have accomplished what you initially hoped to accomplish, keep making goals!


What other tips or advice would you like to provide for the readers?

Respect yourself.

Almost all of us are harsher on ourselves than we would ever be on a loved one, but nothing good can come from constantly beating ourselves down. No one is perfect and it is completely normal to experience a bump in the road. We can’t control our past, so it’s important to forgive and move forward. Forgiveness is key.

I will continue to enjoy being healthy and will share my experiences. If you have ideas or questions about eating healthy or being active please leave a comment below and I will do my best to find the answer for you.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to enjoy life to the fullest. Let’s have the very best 2015!

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