About a week ago, I wrote about how women can get a fresh new look this fall. Since then, I have been asked by many guy friends what about them? What are the trends for men this season and how can they look and feel their best?

To find out the hottest looks for men, I spoke with the experts and they shared their advice on finding the best fit and clothing to suit your lifestyle. Get A Completely Fresh Look

I spoke with PJ Czank, VP Men’s and Ladies Casual Wear at Mark’s to learn more about the latest in men’s jackets.

What are the top trends for guys jackets this season?

This fall it’s all about neutral colors like moss green, greenish-grey and navy with grey undertones. For fit, we’re starting to see more lightweight and slimmer styles for men. Nicely tapered pea coats, lightweight puffer coats and quilted bombers are on-trend. Vests are also making a comeback this year and are proving to be trendy yet practical items to have in your wardrobe.

What to look for in a good fit?

Outerwear is not only meant to look good but to keep you warm and comfortable and this all depends on the fit. For length, it varies greatly according to the style of jacket. Generally, a bomber style jacket tends to sit above the belt to just below the belt, while mid length jackets should sit just below the bum and three-quarter jackets at mid-thigh.

For sleeve length, you want the sleeves to be just long enough to cover shirt cuffs and suit jacket sleeves. For the torso of a jacket, the body should be slim but not too tight as you’ll want room for those thicker winter sweaters and shirts. The front of the coat should lay comfortably against the chest.

How to layer for winter?

Layering is always a must in Canada as we know the weather can change at any given time. The challenge is making sure your jacket is practical but still looks stylish and is flattering to your body type. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

• Buy the jacket you need, which isn’t always the one you want. Do the research, find out what the jacket offers and how it will benefit you
• Each layer should be a look that can be worn on its own or together – thinner layers underneath
• The outer layer hems should be longer than the inner hems
• Scarves are a mainstay layering piece, even for men
• Avoid multiple shirts with collars worn at once – a vest over a collared dress shirt and then a jacket is a great go-to

To find out the latest on men’s shoes, I spoke with Imran Badshah, Men’s footwear Buyer, DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse Canada. Imran shared his knowledge about men’s footwear this season.

What colours are on trend for men’s fall and winter shoes and boots?

All shades of brown from chestnut to tan, are on trend. These shades are especially popular in the dress shoe and boot categories. Contrasting colours are “popping up” in casual shoe styles. Blue and red are strong hues.

What are the hot materials for men’s fall and winter shoes and boots?

Mixed media shoes and boots are hot! The combination of leather mixed with fabric, zippers, or other inserts adds a lot of interest to footwear. Check out the combination of tweed paired with waterproof leather. Cozy and comfy fabrics add warmth with irresistible value to the linings.

What are the latest innovations in men’s fall and winter shoes and boots?

Within this breathtaking assortment the boots are waterproof with cold ratings from -20 to stay warm. Lug soles provide a good grip for slippery wet days.

How to care for your men’s fall and winter shoes and boots?

Spray your boots with a protector spray. When the boots get dirty clean them off immediately with boot cleaner. Polish leather or refresh suede with suede renew. Apply protector spray as the finishing step.

Levi’s Denim share their trends on the hottest looks for jeans this fall for guys.

What are the top trends in denim this season for fall – for guys?

This season’s top trends for men focus on a slim fit pant, with washes in deep shades, which pair well with iconic pieces – and fall essentials! – such as the classic Trucker denim jacket and Western shirt. These styles offer a more refined look for men during the holidays, especially in deeper nocturnal shades of blue and black.

What is the future of denim?

There will be more commuter styles which fit an active lifestyle and build on existing styles. Commuter styles craft great fits, washes, fabrics and styles. This is a great example of innovation and the incorporation of technologically and advancements in the fabrics of clothing.

Another example of looking to the future of jeans through the partnership with Google.

Created by Google, the fabric will have a digital connectivity that will enable contact of phone featured from the surface of jeans; a simple gesture like tapping or swiping will send a wireless signal to the wearer’s mobile device and activate functionality, such as silencing phone calls or sending a text message.

I am going to share these trends and tips with my guy friends! I love the idea of a guy with a new fresh look.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s have the very best 2015!

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