I am always trying to keep on the latest trends and this includes menswear too!

I wanted to find out the latest summer trends for men’s jackets so I spoke with Todd Listwin of One Man Outerwear.

Todd shared his insights to the latest trends this season for outerwear for men.

What are the trends for men’s jackets this summer?

Nautical looks as usual and light versions of the classics – field jacket, bomber, unstructured blazer. Also, a lot of streetwear inspired technical styles – bringing casual fabrics together with a clean minimalist outdoor look. We are developing some amazing fabrics – giving waterproof features to unexpected styles like our Dartmoor or Belford Hoodie for cool summer nights by the lake.

What are the hot colours for men’s outerwear this summer?

Muted earthy neutrals, light browns contrast with vibrant blues and dark navy, off white and distressed denim blue. Dusty olive for summer and darker army greens transition well into fall/winter 2015/16 and will be a dominant colour competing with black in outerwear.


What are the top tips for flattering and comfortable men’s jackets?

Really depends on your body type and style..if you are comfortable in something over sized or a more tailored look. We pay a lot of attention perfecting fit and developing styles that are flattering which takes the challenge out of finding a great jacket.

Three new styles we have featured on Indiegogo are all lined with micro fleece and conceal a waterproof breathable membrane to keep you perfectly warm, dry and looking good.

I will be thinking about all of these style tips as I continue to learn more about summer fashion. Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s have the very best 2015!

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