Finding the right fit when you have a bigger chest is not fun. So many women have commented to me, “You are so lucky to have a chest.” Not when it comes to finding clothes that fit. bigger chested women

I have to avoid tops that hang and have no shape, or I can easily look like I am in my third trimester. Or the super cute blouse that fits me everywhere, but I cannot button up. Or even better, it looks like it fitted in the changing room, then when I wear it out, I notice that the button at the chest has been open for the past few hours and I have been giving everyone a little show.

But as the fashion industry continues to expand its vision on body shapes, now too, there are styles to accommodate bigger chested women.

To find out the hottest trends and style tips for women with larger chests, I spoke with the Bravissimo and Pepperberry girls, they provided all the best advice and colour trends for 2016!

Which styles are on trend right now?

We are inspired by catwalk trends; we translate key looks into wearable, contemporary and aspirational styles. For spring we’ve gone for a combination of trends including Magical Monochrome, Coral Crush and Fabulous Florals with different textures and prints to suit different needs.

Colours for spring – think linear florals, geo florals, modernist geo shades in Reds, Cobalt, Spring Yellow, Hot coral and Jade shades (not all at once, we hope).


What should you think about when finding the right fit for a top or dress?

Look for styles that are made using a variety of fabrics which means they will all fit slightly differently over your boobs – some are more fitted, whereas others stretch and drape. If you can, it is a good idea to try on a style; sometimes you might find that you need to adjust your size slightly depending on the fit and style of the item.

If a style fits your body but is too big in the bust try a smaller curviness size but keep the dress size the same. If a style fits your body but is too small in the bust, try a bigger curviness size but keep the dress size the same.

Why is it important to have clothing that fits bigger chested women properly?

If you’ve ever had the frustration of just wanting to buy the clothes you love in your normal size, but have to go up maybe two or three dress sizes just to avoid gaping buttons and pulling seams, then you know that it’s not a great feeling. It’s important that we feel fabulous, confident and proud of our big boobs and not feel like we have to hide them away or drown our figures to accommodate them.


Here are the top style tips for women with bigger chests:

The Scoop neck is a great shape for every silhouette and will keep bigger boobs under wraps, use a full cup bra style with this, as it will stay hidden under the clothes whilst giving your boobs great uplift.

The V neck shape helps to draw the eye towards the face and elongate your body shape, add a statement necklace to give this look an extra edge. A balconette bra will sit perfectly under this.

The wrap complements all face shapes and the plunging neckline can give the illusion of appearing taller. Underneath it all a plunge bra would sit discreetly under this style

The button up gives all of the shape that you need and give your boobs room in a fitted and flattering style, wear a t-shirt bra underneath to ensure no seam show through and top it off with a scarf for a pop of colour.

Any other comments or tips?

Having big boobs is great – so feel good about yourself! Feel confident and amazing and share your experiences together to champion women and their big boobs!

I am going to use these helpful tips as I continue to expand my style ideas this year!

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s have the very year ever!

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