The majority of my wardrobe is denim. It is so comfortable and has come a long way from the days when jeans were stiff and rigid. The materials they use in denim now breathes, and also allows you to ride a bike or do activities that in the past would have been cumbersome to do in jeans.

To find out the latest trends for denim this spring, I spoke with Gary Lenett, Co-Founder/President at Duer Denim and Dish Denim.

Gary shared with me the hot spring trends for denim.

What are the hottest styles for denim this spring?

Inseams for denim this spring are getting shorter and shorter, 28” is becoming more popular as well as cropped jeans with 26” inseams.

Skinnies are still everywhere but there is trending towards other fits as well. Fashioniatas and early adopters are wearing more flared-type jeans, while most women are focusing on relaxed Skinnies or straighter leg jeans.

Hot Spring Trends For Denim!
What are the hot colours for spring?

This spring you will see everything from light to dark colors. There is no predominant colour trend. Premium denim brands are showing more deconstructed fabrics.

What are the hottest styles for men this spring?

Most men are leaning towards wearing fits that are more slim and modern. Some men are even cuffing the bottom of the jeans for a different “on trend” look. Dark and sophisticated colours are continuing to be the most popular.

Hot Spring Trends For Denim!

For spring, how can you dress up denim?

By adding certain accessories or styling your look in a particular way, it is very easy to dress up your denim shorts, crops, and jeans! Crisp button downs and bold blazers, statement shoes, and layered jewelry, are all great ideas on things you can wear with your denim to dress it up.

Hot Spring Trends For Denim!

What is the best way to care for denim?

Wash jeans separately for the first time. Turn them inside out and machine wash cold. Do not use silicone softeners or bleach and tumble dry low. Dish Jeans that have antimicrobial features in them means that you don’t have to wash them as much.

What are the latest innovations for denim?

Some new innovations that have been appearing in denim are water and stain resistance, reflective elements for safety, antimicrobial features that provide natural odor resistance, temperature regulation that is breathable and wicks away moisture, and Coolmax fabric that contains longer lasting stretch memory and hold.

In 5 years time, no one will be wearing jeans during the summer without Coolmax in them.

I love all these new trends for spring. It is also exciting to know that denim will have reflective and water resistance materials.

I am going to use these helpful tips as I continue to expand by style ideas this spring!

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s have the very best 2015!

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