I love watches. They look elegant on both men and women. Having a watch on your wrist, says that you could use your phone to tell the time, but you are more interested in the details and creativity with how you express your style. I believe watches of all types, will be a huge trend for spring and summer, and probably beyond..

To find out about the hot spring trend alert this season, I spoke with Diana Mazzuca, Communications Manager, Swarovski Canada. Diana shared the hottest trends for watches this spring. Hot Spring Trend Alert


What are the top trends for watches this spring?

As watches become more of a staple every day item; watches in classic colours (silvers, gold and rose gold) are being paired with colourful and texturized watch faces for unique and expressive pops of flair.

Crystal bezels also remain trendy. One of the top trends this season is the stacked wrist. Mix and max timepieces, bangles and bracelets for a silhouette that is modern and chic. More is more…..

Which styles are popular this season?

Over the last few seasons we have seen watches with oversized face elements become very popular for day looks, and small faces with intricate bezels are popular for evening.

Are there any new looks out this year?

What you wear on your wrist isn’t as sensitive to seasonal shifts as clothes. Look to elegant bracelet-watches, which combine chain and bangle elements together, which will offer fresh ways to wear a watch for those who traditionally don’t wear watches. Double tour leather strap watches are also becoming increasingly trendy and popular. These are last season’s watches.

This season, inspired by the fast paced city life of the modern woman, watches dial up the glamour and lend powerful sparkle to any look, anytime of day.


If you were going to start with one new watch what would it be? (for men and women)

A watch is a piece of design as well as function, it’s a must have accessory. A classic silver or gold watch with a metal strap can be worn and accessorized for practically any occasion night or day.

The oval watch has curved lines and encircled by the glint of crystals, this piece can elevate your look day or night.

How are people wearing watches now?

People are pairing their oversized day-to-day watch and then stacking with delicate bracelets in the same hues. Layering together accessories with your watch can be a great way to play your personal style. There are no hard and fast rules. Just remember more is more……

How to care for your watch?

Even if a watch is waterproof, it is best to remove it before swimming or showering to avoid rusting. Store your watch in the original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid scratches and polish frequently with a soft cloth to maintain it.

I am going to use these new watch trends this season, as I continue to expand my style ideas.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s have the very best 2016!

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