The only thing that keeps me wearing skirts in the winter when it is cold and wet, are tights. Leggings are great too. Sometimes, I will ride my bike in my leggings and then when I arrive to a restaurant throw on a skirt over the leggings and I am good for dinner or a night out.

Tights also add a bit more polished look to dresses and there are so many patterns to choose from. Finding the right fit is essential too. Tights that pinch at the waist are no fun and also the loose leg look is not so attractive.

But once you find the right fit and a beautiful pair of tights or leggings nothing can beat it in the colder months.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to speak with Jenny Altman, Style & Fit Expert at Wolford. Jenny shared with me all the top tips on tights trends for fall and how to find the right fit.


What are the top trends in hosiery and leggings this fall?

What is really hot right now is a really classic fishnet, a Twenties look. This is really popular right now since there is such a strong trend of 80’s and 90’s fashion.There is a warmer update of the fishnets, done in a more thick, open knit design. This is really on trend too. Opaque tights, are amazing in rich fall colours such as – navy, oak, hawthorn and java.

What are the hot colours for tights and leggings this season?

Beautiful gem tones, such as:oak, hawthorn and raven.

How to ensure you have the right fit for hosiery and leggings?

Size is based on height, and weight which is why it is so important to go off the size chart on a package. You never want your tights to feel too short, or too long (bagging in the crotch, knees or ankles). Look for the true fit for your height and weight, and you will find the perfect fit for tights or leggings.

How to care for your hosiery and leggings?

We recommended washing your hosiery just like other intimates – either by hand, or in a lingerie bag. Hanging to dry is the best method as they dry super fast, and keep their shape. Another tip for care, when you are putting on the tights, gently roll them out as you are putting them on. The care you put into them today, will help the tights last that much longer.

Any other tips or trends this season?

It’s all about comfort. There is a new technology in tights that allows for the waistband to lay super flat against your skin and they won’t show through when you wear even the most fitted garments. The net trend has really become season-less and there will continue to be net inspired tights being on trend right into the spring. It is a very hot look right now and very fashion forward.

I love these style tips and trends for tights, I am definitely going to check out the net trend with a skirt or dress this fall.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s have the very best 2015!

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