First, let me say that I included these denim to my “Fave’s” section because they are the best denim I have ever owned. Comfortable with just the right amount of stretch and no awkward gap in the back. Stylish and high quality. I would highly recommend these denim!

For years now, I have been riding my bike from the north shore to downtown Vancouver. I ride my bike into Vancouver to meet with people and discuss projects or I carry out a few interviews for an article.

Typically when I am rolling into Vancouver, I am wearing the cyclist’s uniform of a merino wool top, waterproof jacket and stretchy cycling pants. I arrive to my meetings looking a bit disheveled and always feeling the need to apologize for my sporty appearance. I look more like a bike courier than a professional writer.

In the back of my mind, I had always thought of how fantastic it would be if I could arrive to a meeting wearing something stylish and comfortable to ride in.

My day has finally come.

I spoke with Steven Sal Debus the Sales and Marketing Director at Duer Denim and he told me about a new denim that breathes, provides enough stretch for my peddling and also durable, so I do not need to worry about going through a pair of jeans every month.

Steven shared with me some of the top trends this season and more about the “ath-leisure movement” in fashion.

What are the top trends in denim for guys and girls?

The skinny silhouette, although still popular, is now trending slightly downwards for women. We really like what we call the Relaxed Skinny as a great transition from the Skinny, with it’s fitted waist, relaxed thigh and hip and tapered bottom.

For men it is all about the slim straight silhouette, with the leg slightly tapering at the bottom.

What makes your denim unique?

Both our woman’s brand, Dish and our men’s brand DU/ER, are all about Performance Denim. Our L2X denim is 30 per cent lighter and 30 per cent stronger than traditional denim, quick dry and also has temperature control. The combination of technical fibers gives the fabric maximum stretch and hold so you’re not restricted in movement and you won’t have to worry about baggy knees and bums.

What to look for in a good fit for denim?

There is no need to compromise anymore.

With the advancement of fabric technology, you should be able to find jeans that both look good (you can wear to work or on a date) and at the same time the denim will incorporate many of the functions that are traditionally found in the clothing worn by high performance athletes.

A good fitting jean should work with the shape of your body, make you feel comfortable and hold in the areas where you are stretching the most to maintain a clean, smooth silhouette.

How to best care for your denim?

Denim is easy to care for. We recommend washing in cold water and hang to dry, to maintain the original character of the darker washes. A tencel denim is the most easy care for, as the fabric is naturally anti-microbial and does not need to be washed very often.

What are trends in the future for denim?

As a part of the whole ath-leisure movement in fashion, we don’t see denim as a separate category going forward. The trend in denim will be “denim as lifestyle”, so you will be able to wear your jeans throughout all the activities you do in a day.