You’ve seen me in Ontario in the great city of Toronto and the lesser known but just as beautiful city of Port Credit. This week, join me as I fly to one of the oldest cities in Ontario—Hamilton! With a flourishing art scene and a heritage district full of world class food and local businesses, Canada has marked Hamilton as a city on the rise. Come with me as I discover the best things to do in Hamilton, Ontario! 

Things to do in Hamilton


Tundra Leather

Tundra Leather has been in Hamilton, Ontario for 26 years! Their store supplies a wide array of leather goods, from bags and aprons, to custom knife sheaths and instrument straps in 13 different kinds of leather. You can even attend a workshop and design a purse tailored to your exact needs! Visit their website to see all the leather goods options available!

Tydan Blades

I visited Tydan Blades to learn more about their skates which are used by Tikes, Junior players, and NHL Players. Every blade undergoes an extensive heat-treating process which makes the sharp edge last longer. This means players have more agility and speed. You’re guaranteed to score more goals! You can find them at their website, on Instagram, Facebook, and their retail store on Dundas!

Sniper Skin

Looking to improve your game? I dropped by Sniper Skin to take a look. It’s a hockey tape replacement which acts as a durable sleeve for your hockey stick. Not only is it customizable to your grip preference, but it also extends the life of the stick and it’s recyclable! You can use it on your hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, and baseball bats. Find it on their Canadian website and their American website or in 60 stores across Canada.


Laundry Design

Laundry Design is located in the up and coming neighbourhood of International Village in the heart of downtown Hamilton. With a focus in the hospitality industry, Laundry Design works with local clients in both Hamilton and Toronto. Their designers create experiences, designing environments that people want to come back to.

Wesley Urban Ministries

Wesley Urban Ministries is the longest standing independent non-profit which serves the Hamilton, Brantford, and Halton areas, supporting families, refugees, and those experiencing poverty. And they have a lot to show for it! Their youth program ensures that at-risk youth graduate and go to college. And they are the lead agency in Hamilton for government assisted refugees, taking in over 600 refugees this year, with 88% of them coming from Syria! Look out for the launch of their new app, developed to celebrate Canada’s 150!


Parallel has done a lot of work in Hamilton’s branding industry. They’ve worked in the restaurant industry focusing on building brands and digital products. It’s an opportunity for Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Hamilton to be a part of the Tech North cluster. With reasonable partnerships, they believe that they can make an impact on the digital scene. Their favourite things about Hamilton? Access to green space, the growing vibrancy downtown, and it’s passionate people!

Flow Smart Accounting

Excited about bookkeeping? Flow Smart Accounting has proven that tech and innovation come together in day to day things. Their non-traditional way of accounting means they work on the cloud to make bookkeeping automated. We call it the Uber of accounting! They work everyday with customers, giving them accurate information and educating them on their finances. It’s one of the first in Canada!

Tandia Credit Union

I spoke with Richard at Tandia Credit Union about their involvement in the community! Tandia Financial Credit Union has been serving Hamilton for over 75 years. Something you might not have known about Tandia Credit Union? You can go to any bank machine and use your card! It has a flexibility that you’d have anywhere else, with as many ATMs as the big banks with no surcharges anywhere in Canada. It may be a mid-size credit union but they pride themselves in getting to know their members!

Hamilton-Burlington SPCA

This is Bubbles! Bubbles is an Instagram star. The Hamilton-Burlington SPCA not only finds homes for pets but they also want to help community members keep their pets at home. If pet owners are going through financial trouble, they can come to the SPCA to find solutions. And they just had a Yoga with Kittens event which drew in 120 people to raise money for their charity!

Laser Spa Group

I found one of the best laser spa places in Toronto and Hamilton! They have 7 lasers and over 8 skincare devices. This time of year, cool sculpting and cellulite improvement are popular with the locals. But tourists can also come in to get oxygen facials, laser hair removal, skin tightening, and more—so there’s something for everyone. And it’s located in Hess Village with great restaurants and boutiques opening up in the neighbourhood.

Mission 35 Mortgages

Mission 35 Mortgages is the place to sit down and talk to a professional about your mortgage rate. Their goal is to teach you how to pay off mortgages as quickly as possible. Their advice? Have a destination or “mission” in mind and change bad debt into good debt with real estate investments. They’ll make sure you get the right solution for you!


The Rock Garden Café

I visited the garden to table establishment, The Rock Garden Café. Their location at the Royal Botanical Gardens means they have access to not only the garden, but to local ingredients including seasonal vegetables, poultry from Harriston County, and beef from Wellington County. In fact, nothing is over 100 km away! In the fall, you can expect the gorgeous Harvest Salad to make an appearance. It’s a mix of carrots, parsnips, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes on a bed baby arugula with house-made balsamic vinaigrette and goat cheese with pumpkin seeds.

The Garden too is a great place to relax. Location wise it’s a gem in the middle of the Hamilton-Burlington area. Come, eat local and drink local with a complete Niagara VQA wine list, local vodka, whiskey, and gin!

The Lounge FirstOntario Centre

Famous for their Core Caesar, the Lounge at FirstOntario Centre was created to add a different vibe to the arena. At the lounge, you can have dinner and then go see a show. During the Black Sabbath Farewell Tour, the Lounge served a special War Pigs poutine! They’ve also hosted such celebrities as Garth Brookes, Paul McCartney, and the Tragically Hip.

Nique Restaurant

Although it only opened 6 months ago, Nique Restaurant is already abuzz. As a matter of fact, the staff call it as the “House That Sushi Nachos Built”. It’s Canadian at its core with a cultural mosaic of food and includes menu items like Thai Beef Salad, Fish & Chips, and the famous Sushi Nachos. In the future, they plan to involve themselves deeper into the community, with neighbours like the fantastic brew pub across the street! One of the best things to do in Hamilton, don’t miss this!


Kathy Della-Nebbia, Sales Representative, Royal LePage State Realty Brokerage, Hamilton

There is a booming real estate market in Hamilton. The secret is out! You can buy a home at a reasonable price in Hamilton compared to the much higher priced homes in Toronto. A few years ago, Hamilton was 40% underpriced! And because Hamilton is only 1 hour from Toronto, 1 hour from New York state and minutes from a couple amazing wineries, Hamilton has become a great option for homebuyers.

Lauren Catlin, Sales Associate, Royal LePage State Realty, Hamilton

It turns out Hamilton is an amazing area for first time homebuyers. It’s a close commute to Downtown Toronto and there are many parks and green spaces. There are options for older homes and new developments with condo towns going up and beautiful historic homes being renovated. One thing about Hamilton might not know? It’s not just a steel town! It has waterfalls, trails, and a beachfront! They really have it all!


Staybridge Suites

I stayed at the beautiful Staybridge Suites while I was in Hamilton. Something I really enjoyed? The amenities that were included. They had a free evening social with complimentary food and drinks, a free hot breakfast buffet, and even a free laundry service! Plus, the rooms came with a fully equipped kitchen and high speed wifi—perfect for everything I wanted to do!

How To Get There

Flair Airlines

I made the trip to Hamilton with Flair Airlines, Canada’s ultra low cost air travel company. It’s low cost because customers can add what they want a la carte style!

It’s a great choice for Canadians who are looking to travel to Canada’s smaller airports without tedious layovers. And their laid back atmosphere, cheaper parking, and awesome baggage handling are all included in the low fare!

Plaza Premium Lounge

On the way to Hamilton, I had a truly fantastic travel experience. I had a stopover at the Winnipeg airport and visited the Plaza Premium Lounge.

Instead of dreading the airport, I look forward to it! With comfortable seating areas, recharging stations, food and beverages, and even a shower room, how could I not? The Plaza Premium Lounges are a must for any traveler.


Thank you for following me through a busy 3 days in Hamilton! For more information on things to do in Hamilton you can visit the Hamilton tourism website.

Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to live life to the fullest. Let’s explore some wonderful places and have the very best 2017!

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