My mom and I – Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a special time. If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know that I am really close to my mom and love to see her happy.

Here are a few unique gift ideas that you can share with your mother!

Yoga 2015

Yoga – Relaxing, balancing and a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon. Yoga is for anyone.

Hot Spring Trends For Denim!

Gorgeous And Comfortable Denim – Being comfortable and feeling her best is something that any mom will enjoy! Gift your mom an amazing pair of denim she will wear all year long.


Lingerie – Can be a special present for your mother especially when she can enjoy a great fit! Treat your mom to an afternoon shopping for her favourite items.


Athleisure – Do you have a mother who loves to be fit and also look good running around town? Give her the best combination in comfort and the latest trend ~ athleisure gear is perfect after the gym!


Perfect Eyebrows – Having nicely shaped eyebrows can be a wonderful experience for your mother. If she hasn’t had this treat before, it may be a unique chance for her to try something she will love.

Pretty handbag

Vegan Purse – This can be a gift to the environment and also something unique for your mom. Vegan handbags now come in all types of styles and are on trend for the season!


Pretty Shoes – Every mom will enjoy having comfy feet and pretty shoes! Not sure what style she likes? You can always check out her current styles and look for something similar online. Sneak a peek into her wardrobe for some ideas.

Hot Hair Colours For Spring!

Pretty Hair – Treat your mother to an afternoon having her hair done in the latest colours and she can enjoy a freah haircut to feel amazing. To make this present special you can add a few of the current hair ideas and styles for her to get some new ideas!

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Cosmetics She Loves – Cosmetics can bring a smile to your mother’s face next Sunday. Some ideas which will help protect your mom’s skin are BB and CC creams! Made with an SPF and easy to use, they can make your mom’s beauty routine that much faster and give a polished look.

Top Tips For Keeping The Weight Off From A Celebrity Trainer

Being HealthyFeeling amazing and vibrant, is a nice gift for anyone in your life. Your mother can enjoy a few healthy snacks or a book on health to continue feeling vibrant all year long.


Special Memories – The best gift you can give your mom is spending time with her. Why not try something unique and affordable like a symphony concert in your city or town? Creating memories with your mother is the top gift that anyone can give!

I am looking forward to spending next Sunday with my mom and will be sharing my experiences on social media. I would love to hear from you!

Let’s enjoy enjoy life to the fullest!

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