There is nothing that I love more than a first class airport lounge and recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Plaza Premium Lounge and they provided all the top tips on how you can get the most from your airport experience.


What are airport lounges? What is the difference between an airline lounge and your lounge?

Airport lounges are a haven away from the busy crowds of the airport, where you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing wait before the departure of your flight. There are two types of airport lounges in general, namely, airline lounges and independent airport lounges. Most airline lounges are expected to be exclusive to members of a particular airline and their first and business class passengers, or cater to a specific alliance, whereas Plaza Premium Lounge belongs to the latter type, which welcomes all travellers regardless of class or airline. Plaza Premium Lounge has presence in over 80 locations and operates the world’s largest independent airport lounge network. Like other independent airport lounges, Plaza Premium Lounge is pay-per-use, with passes available for purchase in advance at or upon walking in.

How to get the most out of your airport experience? Tips for feeling your best, relaxed and enjoying a layover.

As the world’s best independent airport lounge conferred by SKYTRAX, the lounges offer travellers a comfortable and relaxing space to enjoy the time before boarding their flight. Complimentary Wi-Fi, electrical outlets at nearly every seat, international and local newspapers and magazines to catch up on the news, HDTVs with flight details and a wide-selection of channels for everyone’s entertainment, and healthy and delicious food and beverages, as well as shower facilities and live-cooking stations in selected locations.

International and local cuisine freshly made by a talented culinary team, and serve signature dishes including Hong Kong-style Fish Ball Noodle Soup, Laksa Noodle Soup and Dim Sum. In London Heathrow we have buffet selection; in India we have dosa; and in Taipei we have braised pork over rice and danzai noodle soup in the lounge. A beverage menu offers specialty coffee and teas, refreshing juices and alcoholic beverages. The Canadian lounge locations serve a free-flow of drinks including your favourite wines, beers and spirits.


What are some ways to keep fresh and productive during an airport visit (at a lounge)?

The best ways to keep fresh is to take advantage of the shower facilities and nap rooms available in some of the lounges. The shower facilities are a great way to feel refreshed before a long flight or during a layover, and they provide all the necessities such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and towels. For those that are in need of a nap, we have private rooms available for a quick laydown.

For travellers looking to do some work before their departure, Wi-Fi-enabled computer workstations, charging stations and signature honeycomb seating with desks. Travellers can then have a peace, quite place with enhanced privacy without other people looking at their laptop screens while they are working. Private VIP Rooms are also available for an additional charge at some of our lounges to get a project or meeting done.

What kind of services and amenities can you find at an airport lounge?

Plaza Premium Lounge is one of the most comprehensive airport lounges in the world that offer you convenience and seamless airport experience while on the go. You can find at Plaza Premium Lounge comfortable seating, convenient computer workstations, unlimited Wi-Fi, flight information display, delicious culinary options at our buffet bar, barista service offering guests a variety of refreshments, electrical outlets, magazines, newspapers and HDTVs to enjoy the wait. A range of additional amenities can be found including shower facilities, nap rooms and private VIP meeting rooms.


Any other tips for having a great airport visit?

The airport experience is changing now with increased security wait times and unexpected delays, so passengers must arrive at the airport several hours before and the best way to enjoy the wait is to make a visit into the lounge before your departure. The Canadian locations, have 2-Hour, 3-Hour and 6-Hour Lounge Use packages to choose from, and a 1-Hour option for early departures. Live cooking is a sweet benefit that is not commonly found in many airport lounges. Plaza Premium gives you a pampered and interactive dining experience during their wait at the airport. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or all of the above, they serve hot and cold dishes for every taste and ensure that your visit is a seamless and enjoyable experience.


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