Fun Things To Do In Edmonton

Because of its cold climate and the relatively close proximity of other major cities like Vancouver and Calgary, Edmonton sometimes escapes mention as a tourist destination. But if you’re interested in Canadian travel, it ought to be on your list. Sure, it can be quite cold, but this is a very interesting city. Now the capital of Alberta, it showcases a rich history dating back to frontier days, as well as plenty of modern attractions to enjoy. You’ll find there are plenty of Fun Things To Do In Edmonton.

River Valley Trails

Edmonton is built on the North Saskatchewan River, and accordingly there are a lot of river hikes that visitors like to enjoy. Indeed, vast network of interconnected trails exists around Edmonton and along the river, and you can usually find a helpful map of one and set out for some exercise on a nice day. As with most rivers and natural areas in this part of Canada, the scenery is beautiful and it’s about as appealing an activity as you can find when the weather is right.

Alberta Legislature Building

It may not be the most exciting title for a building you’ll ever find, but this is a very impressive structure, and the defining landmark of the city. It’s fun simply to walk around and see up close, but you can also take a free tour of the interior, which is always interesting, particularly as a brief respite from a hot or cold day outside!

Muttart Conservatory

Because of Canada’s natural beauty, it’s been said that you could plan an entire vacation just visiting some of the best botanical gardens, arboretums, and parks in the country. Truer words were never written, and the Muttart Conservatory is Edmonton’s contribution to the underlying reason. It’s a curious area, dominated by four glass pyramids. But each pyramid contains a different climate (or “biome”), such that you’re treated to an interesting variety of plant life.

Rogers Place

While the sport is popular in much of the world, it’s been said that the biggest market for ice hockey is in North America, where the NHL splits its teams between Canada and the U.S. Edmonton is fortunate enough to have one of those teams – the Edmonton Oilers – and they just happen to play at one of the newest and most impressive arenas on the continent. Rogers Place opened in 2016 and is a state of the art stadium that’s as good a place as any to catch some ice hockey, or any other sort of entertainment that may be passing through.

Art Gallery Of Alberta

Sometimes abbreviated as the AGA, this is the biggest and best museum in town, and in the greater region as well. The gallery includes over 6,000 pieces of art from all different periods in history, and the structure itself is quite something as well. Distinctly modern and almost abstract, it’s a building comprised of windows, and large metallic ornamentation, with enough space inside for the aforementioned art as well as a museum restaurant.

As with any major city you’ll find plenty more to enjoy as you set about exploring Edmonton. But these are some of the highlights that make it a better destination than it may sometimes get credit for.

Fun Things To Do In Edmonton

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