Whenever I fly anywhere, to Winnipeg, to Toronto, or even as far as Texas or Miami, I always make a visit to Plaza Premium Lounge. Not only do they offer all the amenities you want at the airport, like recharging stations and high speed Wi-Fi, but they also have all the services you didn’t know you wanted, like shower rooms and VIP seating! More notably, they pride themselves on their excellent service which they provide to everyone, not just for premium travellers only. (I can confirm both of these to be true). Plaza Premium Lounge can be found in more than 140 locations worldwide so you’re never far away from comfort! Keep reading to find out more about My Favourite Place in the Airport.

Where to Find it

Plaza Premium Lounge has 140 locations in 35 airports around the world! Internationally, you can find them at Heathrow, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong (where the first Plaza Premium Lounge was located) and more! But in Canada, that means you’ll find one at your very own YVR and at Toronto Pearson Airport. My Favourite Place in the Airport

What You’ll Find There 

Remember when I said they had all the amenities you could want? Their lounges have comfortable seating, recharging stations, food and beverages, high speed Wi-Fi, VIP rooms, internet workstations, shower rooms AND baggage handling. Plaza Premium Lounge also offers a VIP Meet and Greet service to handle the most stressful part of traveling. That means personal assistance from the gate, to baggage handling, to a buggy service and back again in reverse for departures! Select locations also have a transit hotel located in the airport for unexpected delays or late night arrivals. Not only that, but they also have a concierge service, a baggage handling service, a private club, dining experiences and a SPA. What more could you want? (These services vary depending on location).

Why we Love it

 I’m not the only one who loves Plaza Premium Lounge. Don’t believe me? Plaza Premium Lounge has the awards to prove it. This year they were awarded the 2017 World Best Independent Airport Lounge by the Skytrax 2017 World Airline Awards at the Paris Air Show in France. And that is just one addition to their collection of awards which include the Best Customer Service of the Year of Corporate Excellence Award from Airport Authority Hong Kong in 2016 and their Outstanding Staff Award 2014 from Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore. Need I say more?

Personally, I can say that I always have a fantastic time at the lounge. I travel a lot and the excellent service and comfortable space at Plaza Premium Lounge makes my airport experience an enjoyable one—even after spending hours on the plane! Check it out yourself to see what I mean!

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