I do get outdoors and eat pretty healthy throughout the year. But what does slip me up when it comes to eating healthy are those busy hectic days.

Those days when I am going at a frantic pace from morning to the time my head hits the pillow. On those days, I am just grabbing food.

Mindfulness and planning healthy meals go out the window. I am grabbing a meal replacement bar, a handful of nuts and maybe later in the day another bar. On those busy days, it feels like eating fruits, vegetables and consciously enjoying my meals are luxuries.

I recently spoke with Peggy Kotsopoulos about how to eat healthfully and mindfully during those busy times. Peggy is a registered holistic nutritionist, Contributor to Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Forward and author of the new book Kitchen Cures.

Peggy provided some great tips:

Plan, Plan, Plan!! Plan your grocery trip for the week so you’ll know what you’ll be eating each day of the week.

Have all produce washed, chopped and stored as soon as you get home, so it’s easy and accessible should hunger strike and makes preparing meals (lunch/dinner) during the week WAY easier.

When cooking, cook in bulk and freeze/use as different meals. When making a soup or stew for a week, freeze individual portions for meals at a later time. When making quinoa, make a large batch… it can last 5 days cooked in the fridge, and can be used as a breakfast cereal mixed with almond milk, cinnamon and chopped nuts, can be used as a base of a salad for lunch, topped with stir-fried veggies or pasta sauce for dinner, or made into cookies as a snack!

How to help your children to eat healthy too

Get them involved in the shopping process, have them pick out their favorite veggies and fruits, and have them involved in the prepping of it. Chances are, if they picked it and helped to prepare it, they’ll be more excited about eating it.

How to prevent over eating or falling back into old habits

Be consistent for at least 3 weeks. It takes about that long for new habits for be formed and if you tell yourself “it’s only 3 weeks” you’ll feel so amazing when the 3 weeks is up chances are you won’t go back to old habits.

Be sure to control portion size of meals, and incorporate fibre and protein rich foods which will help you to feel full.

Eating Healthy Made Easy

Stop eating before you begin to feel ‘full’

Don’t do family style meals. Be sure to plate your food and eat only what’s on the plate. If food is sitting in serving dishes on the table, it increases your chances of overeating.

How to keep the motivation going to eat healthy even when you are tired or feeling stressed

Find something else to do… take a few minutes to breath, go outside for a walk and get fresh air, grab a chamomile tea (which helps to relax nerves and helps you sleep).

Other tips for eating healthy on the go

Always keep healthy snacks with you. Have some raw almonds, dried apricots or apple rings with you at all times. These will help satiate you should hunger strike, and will prevent you from hitting the vending machine!

Keep an eye on my blog as I continue to try different kinds of healthy foods and supplements. I am delighted to share my experiences so you can live your very best life.