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In this week’s episode, I shared some of my favourite Summer Beauty items and tips.

I love multipurpose items and Rejuveniqe Light  is a luxurious lightweight version that meets the needs of delicate, fragile, fine hair and oily-to-combination skin. You can use on your hair, body and for a light skincare.

Wonderful when you step out of the shower.

W SkinCare.ca is your exclusive online retail destination for Bio Jouvance Paris in Canada. This is my must have for skincare. Over the years, I have had everything from adult acne to fine lines and the combination of using the skincare treatments at W Skincare and the Bio Jouvance Paris skincare products has transformed my skin to a smooth and even skin tone.  Someone recently commented that I am the Benjamin Button of skincare!

Sproos a company based in Vancouver! Is synergistic combination of collagen and other active ingredients, designed to work meaningfully from within to enhance your skin and hair health.  Add Sproos to water for a refreshing daily beverage and your skin and hair will thank you!

Brushes are the most important part of your makeup kit. When you find the right ones, you can get the most out of makeup.

Make Up Forever has amazing brushes for every look you want to achieve. My biggest tip is start with one brush and slowly add to your collection. Invest in good quality brushes, care for them, clean them and they will make up your makeup application super easy (which I love!) and flawless.


I always think that having fresh breath is really the finishing touch on a beautiful look. I also only talk about things that I truly love and I do love Listerine Go Tabs.

They are the best breath tablets that I have ever used and I can trust. Because I am so close to people everyday (makeup artists hovering over my face or I am up close interviewing someone) that I can get self conscious about my breath and these tabs are amazing!

I have them in my purse, car and everywhere I go. I share them with my friends too!

GO! TABS work harder than typical gums and mints to clean and freshen your mouth. For a totally new experience, chew these fresh breath tablets to activate, swish to clean your whole mouth, swallow and go!

One of the most common questions I get (almost everyday, even at the grocery store!) is about my lashes.

I have a full set of eyelash extensions. I get them done at Noir Lash Lounge in North Vancouver (they are the best!).

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. The extensions may be made from several materials and the method of applying the extensions is by using an adhesive glue to individually stick the extensions to the eyelash line.

Because an average person might have anywhere from one hundred to two hundred lashes per eye, it can take from an hour or more to attach a full, new set.

The amount of lashes you can put on depends upon your existing natural eyelashes.

Because we lose natural eyelashes every day the eyelash extensions usually last between 3–4 weeks.

Maintaining a full set of eyelashes is usually a refill every 2–3 weeks or a partial set every four weeks.


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