My partner and I share one car. I usually ride my bike around town and he takes the car. But sometimes my bike trips can be long.

I started to notice that there were Evo cars in my neighbourhood (North Vancouver) but didn’t understand how they worked and was curious. Then one day, I was visiting a local store and they asked me if I rode my bike everywhere and I said “yeah, but sometimes there are places that I want to go to, but it is a long trek on my bike”.

The store assistant then told me there was an Evo ‘Home zone’ near by and I should try a car from their parking lot.

Evo is a car share service run by BCAA and with a fleet of hybrid cars (they are awesome on gas!). Their cars are more convenient and a lot easier than renting a car or taking the bus.

So, I signed up for my Evo car membership and was on my way!

I rode my bike to the closest ‘Home Zone’ and locked my bike to a pole nearby (using my favourite U Lock).

Once at the Evo parking lot, I looked at their App to see which cars were available and how much fuel was available in each car.

There are no keys, just tap your membership card on the windshield (or you can use the App) wait a few seconds and then the car doors are opened automatically.

Their rates are based on your usage of the car. You will be charged the most economical rate based on your usage of your car that day.

All of the Evo cars that I have used have been in good condition (one person even left their mixed CD in the car) and easy to drive.

Parked in an Evo parking spot at Grouse Mountain!

After returning my car to the ‘Home Zone’ parking lot, I hopped on my bike and rode home.

If you want to learn more about Evo Car Sharing – How it works – click here! 

I am truly grateful that this kind of service exists. It has made it possible for me to hike, visit my mom and brother (in the suburbs) and even go to a party in the city!

I would highly recommend Evo, it is a great service and their customer service team has been super helpful.

Please let me know how you like the car share, I would love to hear from you!

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