Lifestyle and travel blog writer Sacha DeVoretz visited Nanaimo last week to create a travel video about the Harbour City.

DeVoretz currently contributes a lifestyle blog to the Huffington Post both in Canada and the United States and was recently featured on Breakfast Television Calgary, to discuss travel destinations.

“I’ve always had that explorer in my heart,” said DeVoretz about what inspired her to write and create videos about travel. “I had little maps on my walls where I wanted to travel.”

DeVoretz said she finds out about travel destinations through word of mouth.

A friend of hers moved to Nanaimo and told her about the community.  DeVoretz thought it would be a great destination to feature in a travel video.

“It’s a beautiful harbour city. I think it is a gem that has yet to be discovered,” said DeVoretz about Nanaimo.

She contacted Tourism Nanaimo before coming to the city for help finding businesses with which to connect. While she was in Nanaimo last week, July 13-15, she connected with St. Jean’s Cannery, the Grand Hotel, Vancouver Island Catamaran Sailing, WildPlay Elements Parks, NYLA Fresh Thread and others.

DeVoretz takes several minutes of video, which includes B-roll footage.

“What I am looking for is something really special visually, interesting, surprising or funny,” said DeVoretz about her editing process.

Most YouTube videos tend to be shorter, about one to two minutes, said DeVoretz.

“With a travel video people tend to have a lot more patience,” she said.