By the time I was 24, I had already had a few moles removed. Being fair and spending lots of time in the sun (running, biking and swimming) resulted in abnormal skin growths. This scared me enough to be more careful of how I protect my skin and use the right kind of sun block.

These days, I use two different options to get a beautiful sunny glow.

I do love having a nice bronzed look but without spending time in the sun. Once per week I get a spray tan with a professional and in between her visits, I do touch ups with St. Tropez self tanner. Their new Bronzing Water Mousse has a beautiful soft smell to it and lovely tan.

Every week I get a spray tan with my friend Bree from The Pale Girl Tanning Company (an amazing tanning professional). It is easy and quick.

The day before Bree comes over to do my spray tan, I either get my wax done at my favourite place (and they are so nice!Cutie Pie Wax Bar or I shave for a quick touch up.

Then I exfoliate my skin with a scrub I love the L’Occitane – Shea Body Scrub. It helps to remove dead skin cells and evens out my skin tone.

Tanning day and Bree arrives to my little condo. She sets up her small pop-up tent in my living room (this catches the spray). Then I apply moisturizer to my elbows, knees, hands and feet (these areas can easily absorb the tanning solution and the moisturizer acts as a barrier for an even looking tan).

Here are the best tips from Bree on how you can get a beautiful tan:

Before using any tanning products, it is best to exfoliate your skin. Use a gentle scrub for the body and lightly exfoliate the face.

Prior to your tan application and after you exfoliate, do not apply any creams, deodorant or makeup. These can make your tan streaky looking. Make sure that your skin is bare (without any lotions or creams on it) prior to your spray tan.

To prepare for your spray tan appointment you should wax or shave the day before. Also, remove all makeup and any creams or lotions prior to your tan.

My biggest secrets for getting the perfect spray tan are:

  • Exfoliate your skin before your tan
  • Make sure your spray artist gives you plenty of barrier cream (for your elbows, knees, feet and hands)
  • After your tan, moisturize. Keep your skin hydrated to keep your tan lasting longer and for glowing skin

During your spray tan application, women may wear a thong and nothing else, or a bathing suit, or they can go naked. Men can wear briefs or boxer shorts.

My only other tips for prep are… choose a spray tan over tanning beds to keep your skin safe from harmful cancer-causing rays. Be sure to use an experienced airbrush artist for your tan and try to choose an artist that uses organic solutions.

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