Part of this is spending my days with people who bring me so much joy and make me laugh everyday.

The other aspect of this, is to continually challenge myself on how I can improve and how I can be better in every aspect of my life. It is easy for me to settle into a routine with my video shoots or workouts, or any part of my life, and to be humming along but not really moving forward.

I am also a big believer in being thankful. Even on the days that I simply do not have the energy or motivation to push myself to another level, there is always the option for gratitude. This is a place for me to look around me and be thankful for all the people I interact with in my daily life and new people I meet along the way.

On the days when I am feeling less motivated, I will watch videos or listen to people speak who were intent on making progress in the world (despite what others thought and the circumstances around them) they continued to move forward.

My favourite people to look to for inspiration are those who didn’t want the attention or fame, but rather, had a thought, idea or vision and wanted to put forward that concept to the world.

I feel that my path continues to push me forward and that I have the inertia to move through the innovation and engagement I see around the world.

I often think, what if Terry Fox or Martin Luther King or others had decided to give up or it was too difficult? Then we would not have had the opportunity to make those strides and improvements in our communities.


Gratitude to these lovely people:

For listening to my ideas and building on them (and the beautiful photos) Camryn Elizabeth

More than just pretty make up and hair ~ friendship and laughs Jessica Kmiec Artistry

Listening to my visions and dreams and my amazing partner in everyday Jason.

Dress by Eliza J and shoes by  Aldo.

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