I love doing TV segments. I can share all of the top tips and tricks that I learn from the experts and share with them with a new audience. CTV Winnipeg is one of my favourite morning shows to appear on.

Here are some of the behind the scene secrets that you might not know.

It takes on average about 6 – 8 weeks to prepare a TV segment. I research the topics that I would like to talk about and share my ideas with the producers. If they think it is a good fit for their show, we will set a date for the segment. I then reach out to the experts and find out the latest style trends and how to’s for the topic.

Usually, I talk about being healthy, style, wellness, fitness, beauty or men’s grooming tips (I am grateful to speak about this topic, because a lot of men ask me for these tips!). Then I put together a script with the key talking points. Share these points with the producers and host.

Travel day is the day before, I arrive to a hotel or stay at an Air B n B and rest. Try to relax and not be too nervous. On the flight over, I can often be found rehearsing what I am going to say on the plane. The people around me on the flight are probably thinking, “Why is this woman talking to herself and what is she talking about?”

Day of the TV show, early morning, I mean early.. around 4 am. I wake up and meditate (every morning I do this) and then if I have time, I will do a short workout or run (helps to ease my nerves). Then I get my hair and make up done. Travel to the studio. Say hello to everyone (producers and host) and we have one last run through of what will happen. Quite often, I have never been to the TV studio before, so they quickly show me around and then we go through what I will be showing and talking about.

Then it is show time. My heart starts pounding when I see the red light on the camera. At that point, I can go in one of two directions. Either, I can start to think about the number of people watching me and become self conscious of my every move, or I can devote this short amount of time to doing my very best for the host and the audience.

I am there for you and to support the TV show. This is what I choose to focus on. How can I do my very best for you (the audience) and the show.

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