How I travel for video shoots:

When I can, I ride my bike (carrying my equipment) as travel for video shoots. I can usually borrow a bicycle from the hotel I am staying at or use a city bicycle.

The city bicycles are parked on the street and require that you set up an account (takes 5 minutes online). Then they provide you with a passcode that you enter when you use the bike. You can purchase the amount of time you want to use the bicycle for and that will be deducted from your account.

I can get some exercise in for the day, see the city in a new way and also saves on costs (not as many taxi trips)!

I love exploring the city on a bicycle and a lot of cities will have bike paths or something else that is a dedicated bike lane.

My other tip for you when you are traveling is to look for clothing that breathes and has stretch when you ride. They even have denim made for cycling so you can look good and feel comfortable.

I  always wear a helmet. Nothing looks prettier than a safe head 😊

If you have any questions please let me know and I would love to hear from you.

Bicycle provided by the @merewinnipeg –
Outfit by @rootscanada –
Hair colour and cut by @sukissalons –
Photo by –
Make up and hair style by @jessicakartistry
Taken outside of the @ctvmorningwpg studios (before my TV segment)

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